5 Design Tips from Justina Blakeney

We sat down with the designer, artist and author to get her top tips for decorating any space.

Natural Environment

I always say that nothing that can breathe life into a home like plants can. Not only do they help with air quality but I feel that they can really help increase the quality of life. Introduce plants like spider plants that can cascade from shelves, look whimsical and are non-toxic for pets and children.

Justina Blakeney + Pottery Barn Kids

Pattern Play

I love mixing patterns and there are a few tricks to make sure it doesn’t look too chaotic. First of all, I like to think of an over-arching color palette. Think about what colors you love, pull those into a simple palette and then play.

Balancing Act

Now, if mixing patterns freaks you out, you can introduce them in small doses, mellow them with neutrals, layer within the same color family and balance big patterns with smaller ones to really create a cohesive look.

Justina Blakeney + Pottery Barn Kids
Justina Blakeney + Pottery Barn Kids

All About Art

I personally love decorating with my child’s artwork. You can put things in a nice frame or in a shadow box. You can even tape stuff up with washi tape and then switch it up later. The room can evolve, change and grow with your child.

Paint That Pops

If you can only update one thing in your home, I would suggest buying a can of paint. It’s amazing what changing up the colors in your space can do. It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s even fun to do with your kids.

Justina Blakeney + Pottery Barn Kids