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Nontoxic Wood Toy

  • Fun Stacker
    These colorful shapes can be stacked, sorted, counted and arranged into fun sculptures by your budding artist. This flexible developmental toy grows with your baby and helps build important early skills. 7" diameter, 4" high Expertly crafted of recycled rubber wood and finished with brightly colored nontoxic paint. Encourages a child's creative impulses. Provides loads of fun arranging and stacking the brightly colored arcs into various shapes.
    No longer available
  • Counting Puzzle
    These scaled wooden blocks make abstract math concepts easy for children to grasp. The relationship between numbers becomes tangible every time your child plays. 11" wide x 12" deep x 0.5" thick Made with wood veneers, painted with nontoxic paint. Each of the unit pieces represents a number, 1 through 10. Each unit piece has the numeral on one side, e.g., 1 and the corresponding spelled-out word on the other, e.g., one. Set of 20 puzzle pieces. Ages 2 and up.
    reg. price $29 sale $16.99
  • Elephant Rocker
    This beautifully crafted wooden rocker adds a playful element to the nursery. The softly curving design features a sturdy seat, two side handles and smooth runners. 15" wide x 26" deep x 25" high Crafted of 100% post-industrial recycled wood residuals. Painted with nontoxic gray paint. Made in the USA.
    reg. price $200 sale $139.99