Play Teepees

What is more fun for kids than camping? Most people have fond memories of camping trips with family or scouts that stand out as one of the highlights of childhood. But you can’t always go camping outdoors. In inclement weather, or in the middle of the week, indoor “camping” is a fun diversion for children of all ages. Building a fort in the living room with couch cushions, or pretending that the dining table is a tent can be fun, but imagine how much better it would be to have a real tent or teepee in the house. Play tents and teepees are the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom and they offer hours of playtime, day or night. Just furnish the tent or teepee with some snacks and toys, add a comfy bean bag chair, and you have the perfect place for kids to play, read or just hang out.

Teepees are available in the standard size, with a full height of 85", or a mini size, which is 54" tall. They have a sturdy aluminum frame, a window in the side and Velcro to secure the door flaps when open. Several colors and patterns are available for a look that complements the child’s bedroom or playroom. For a simple look there are a variety of white teepees with coordinating trim, or an exotic indigo teepee in a deep blue . For a more fanciful pattern, try polka dots – the pattern is continued right up the poles for a truly all-over design. Crawl inside the printed scenic teepee with mountain range and starry sky print and your children will be transported instantly into a forested oasis.

If your child is more interested in pretending to be on a camping trip than living in the wild, a traditional A-frame tent looks just like what the scouts use. With wood poles, cotton sides, cloth ties to hold the door flaps back and a top height of 42.5", it’s the perfect place to crawl in and take a nap in your sleeping bag, study or read a book. A variety of color combinations are available to match your child’s taste. For additional fun, customize the tent by adding your child’s name. With a matching customized pillow and your child’s favorite stuffed animals, it can make for a great camping experience right in their own room. For those kids who are making believe their lifestyle is less transient than the tent dwellers, there is a cotton cottage playhouse with four faux windows an exterior print that resembles a house, complete with window boxes. The larger playhouse is a great place for sleepovers and tea parties.

Sometimes, you just want a quiet place to read a book. For those occasions, a canopy over your favorite reading /shop/kids/furniture/upholstered-furniture/ chair turns the experience into a real escape. Imagine being surrounded in a cloud of tulle, perhaps with sequins or tassels as you are transported to a world of imagination – your own or your favorite author’s. A private reading nook can make an ordinary afternoon magical.

Of course, your child’s camping site or cottage may get in the way of real life at some point, so it is nice that the play teepees and tents are easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient to store and can be spot cleaned if an errant s’more is dropped during a camping adventure. With such a fun and convenient indoor activity, rainy days won’t be a problem anymore. Any day or night can be transformed into a special trip to any place your little camper chooses to explore.