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Create clean and organized kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, basements and homework areas. Wherever your children like to play, draw or work on school projects, storage can help you keep the space tidy and teach little ones some important lessons about organizing their belongings. Our collections feature a large selection of different options to help keep toys and supplies carefully concealed. Use bookcases and storage wall systems to house picture books and larger toys. Hide small toys, gadgets, cables and art supplies in boxes and baskets to keep them tucked away when not in use. Hampers are handy for storing items such as craft paper, building blocks and dolls, and you can use toy boxes to keep toys out of sight while still providing easy access to your children’s favorite playthings.

Canvas storage options are attractive and especially portable. Use foldable canvas boxes and pop-up totes to provide storage when and where you need it; these pieces are easy to fold and store in the closet when they are not in use. Add canvas liners to boxes, hampers and baskets to keep your storage solutions clean and compartmentalized. Use hanging storage to sort items such as shoes, accessories, sunglasses or toys.

If you need some smaller storage solutions for little toy boxes, frames or decor objects, install a few shelves on the wall. Pottery Barn Kids offers plenty of single shelves, racks and decorator shelves, letting you choose pieces with hooks to provide storage for coats, scarves and other accessories. You can also install hooks and pegs at the sides of wall units and dressers to expand your storage options.