Armoires, Dressers and Nightstands

In many bedrooms, a dresser is second in prominence only to the bed. As one of the main pieces of furniture, the style and color of a dresser plays a big part in deciding the ambience of the room. It can provide extra warmth, create a princess atmosphere or make the space feel bright and modern. Decide how to find a dresser that fits the theme of your child’s nursery or bedroom, then have fun creating your own custom furniture layout that looks amazing.

Dressers are nice additions to a child’s room because they’re an all-in-one place to put everything related to kids. If you need a spot for clothes, there’s a place for them in the dresser. If you have lots of toys to store, the dresser can store everything neatly. In fact, many of our styles at Pottery Barn Kids have enough drawers for sheets, extra blankets, plush animals, books, school supplies and pretty much anything else you can think of. It makes keeping the room organized like child’s play.

There are many kinds of dressers – from tall and narrow units to dressers that are twice as long – with anywhere from a couple of drawers to as many as 12. How much space your kids need depends on a couple of things, such as how many children share a room, their ages and their interests. School-age kids often require some extra room because of the amount of clothes they have. Plus, a growing imagination also means more toys to express their creativity. If space permits, try to pick out the largest dresser possible as children find ways to make effective use of it.

To determine whether a dresser will fit comfortably in the room, start by deciding where you want the bed. Then measure out from there. Try to leave at least 2 1/2 feet between the front of the dresser and the bed. That way, there’s enough room for kids to walk around when they’re getting dressed. Leave 3 feet between the dresser and a closet or bedroom door. If kids are going to be playing mainly on their bedroom floor, it makes sense to have a 5x7' or 8x10' rectangle of open space – with drawers closed – so they can stretch out.

When determining the best way to organize a child’s dresser, being consistent in where you put things is helpful because kids learn where they go. Eventually, it’s not hard to teach them to put their own clothes away after you fold them, or ask them to clean up their toys after playing. With school-age children, keeping the clothes they use the most – like jeans, shirts and socks – within arm’s reach is ideal. It’s not that kids can’t bend down to grab things, but any time saved in the morning reduces stress and helps them to always make it to school on time.

Nightstands are very useful pieces that make young kids feel safe with a colorful lamp sitting on top. As youngsters grow, bedside tables become even more popular since they’re a place to charge handheld video games or electronic devices as well as display their favorite movie heroes or action figures. Some dressers – and most nightstands – have drawers above and a shelf or two below. This is a great option for using bins to organize their toys. Kids can easily slide them in and out, and picking up toys is simple.

If you need color ideas, a dresser or nightstand can complement the rest of the furniture in the room or contrast with it. White pieces look beautiful against dark walls like blue or burgundy. But they also shine in a pink princess bedroom. Gray finishes have a modern and artistic feel. Because they’re neutral, they match literally any color and style of bedding you can imagine. Natural wood colors like honey or espresso also fit anywhere, giving the room an extra touch of home and family.

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