What Is a Push Present?

When it comes to bringing a new life into the world, moms do the hardest part. That’s where push presents come into play. A push present is a gift to honor the mother’s role in giving birth to a baby. The mom’s partner usually gives this gift as a thank you to her for taking on childbirth. The gift might be highly romantic and personal. It might also be something that makes Mom’s life easier by being practical and helpful for the baby. The gift giver doesn’t have to be the father, though. It’s also just as welcome for other family members or friends to offer this thoughtful gesture. We at Pottery Barn Kids are here to help you learn more about these gifts – and get some great present ideas!

Push Present

Push Gifts for Pregnant Wife

While a push gift is usually gifted after the baby is born, there’s no firm etiquette for this practice. It’s perfectly fine to hand over a token of appreciation and affection at any point during the pregnancy, even in the delivery room. If you’re going on a baby-moon during the last stage of pregnancy, that’s a really special time to offer a push gift. A baby-moon is one last romantic time away from home as a couple before the baby is born. Giving a thoughtful push gift during a baby-moon helps you bond as a couple before you become parents.  

Push Presents That Rock

Push presents are as individual as the people who give and receive them. Every family has a different budget and different preferences. That leaves a lot of room when choosing the gift. Nursery seating is one push gift idea that really rocks – literally! This is a gift that lasts for years and provides an incredible amount of comfort for the new mom. Choose a rocker, glider or recliner in a color that matches the nursery decor. Add in a cozy blanket or matching pillow. Voila, you’ve given the gift of comfort.

Baubles and Jewelry

Shiny things to wear are charming push present ideas. They’re ideal for a woman who loves jewelry. Choose jewelry with the baby’s expected birthstone for a personal touch. Pick engraved jewelry commemorating the birth date and baby’s name to give after the birth. Or, choose the style of jewelry you know the mother enjoys wearing, like her own birthstone or something in her favorite colors.  

Break Out the Tech

The new mom will be spending a lot of time holding the baby. A tech-themed push gift gives her something to do while the baby is nursing or sleeping. Consider a new eReader that’s easy to prop up on a bookcase or side table for hands-free use. Include a case and tote bag to protect the new device. A tote is doubly useful. It makes it easy to carry everything a new mom needs to have handy without putting the baby down.  

Crafty, Hobby-Themed Gifts

Hobby-themed gifts are thoughtful for the new mom who enjoys crafting. Craft supplies and craft tools you know she needs are both things worth considering. This type of gift is perfect before the birth when she has more time on her hands. Craft-themed gifts you give before the birth give the new mother time to make things she wants for the baby’s arrival. When given after the birth, it allows her to spread out projects on the table and make crafts while the baby sleeps.  

Personal Things for the Baby

A new diaper bag or backpack packed with things the new mom needs when she wants to go out is a useful and thoughtful push gift. It makes her life easier when everything is prepacked. This is a gift that’s ideal to give in the delivery room or at any point before or after the birth. Tuck diapers, wipes, a spare outfit for the baby and some packets of the new mom’s favorite snacks in the diaper bag. If you want to turn it into a more extravagant gift, book a weekend trip for the new family and tuck the tickets in a pocket of the bag. Car seats and strollers are other necessary baby items that make a mom’s life easier. And making the new mom’s life easier is one of the most thoughtful and considerate push gifts of all!