Tri-Color Swirl Cupcake Frosting

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  • The perfect topping for classic cupcakes, this beautifully swirled frosting is as pretty as it is sweet. Add as much or as little to each cupcake as you like – and experiment with the frosting's design.

With a few basic icing tools, you can create a multicolored swirl on your cupcakes - leaving your guests wondering how you did it!


  • Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frosting
  • 4 large disposable bags (to be used as piping bags)
  • 1 large star tip (to top piping bags)
  • 1 large apple peeled and diced (optional)


  • Fill one of the piping bags approximately 1/3 full with vanilla frosting, one approximately 1/3 full with strawberry frosting and one approximately 1/3 full with chocolate frosting. Twist the top of each bag to prevent the frosting from coming out.

  • Place all three bags into the fourth piping bag. Try to line the three bags up as evenly as possible.

  • Fit the fourth bag with the star tip. Twist it closed and do few test swirls until all three colors come out evenly.

  • Starting on the outside of each cupcake, pipe the frosting in a circular motion using even pressure. Build the frosting up until you reach the center, then release the pressure on the bag and pull up to create a finishing loop.