Shark Fin Cupcakes

  • recipe photo
  • Shark attack! Turn an ordinary cupcake into a dangerously delicious dessert with simple grey shark fins that kids will love.

Beware – this is one shark-themed treat no kid can resist! A simple fin gives a regular cupcake renewed personality and charm.


  • Favorite cupcake mix or recipe
  • Sheet of grey fondant (found at a craft store or baking-supply shop)
  • Light blue frosting


  • Prepare cupcakes according to mix or recipe.

  • Lay one sheet of fondant on the wax paper.

  • Cut a triangle that's 1 1/2" high and wide. Squeeze or pinch in at the center of the triangle.

  • Pull the top to the right to create a slight slant.

  • Repeat until you have as many fins as cupcakes. Attach to each cupcake using light blue frosting.