Golden Bloom Cake

  • recipe photo
  • A golden makeover turns an ordinary cake into a truly beautiful dessert.

Give a simple, store-bought cake your own Midas touch.


  • Plain white, frosted cake
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Gold ribbon 2-3" wide
  • Large white fresh flowers (peonies are ideal)
  • Food-safe or non-toxic gold paint
  • Gold sugar sprinkles
  • Artist paint brush


  • Bake your favorite cake recipe at home, or pre-order a simple white cake from your local store or bakery.

  • Paint the edge of flower petals using artist brush and gold paint.

  • Place flowers back in vase and allow to dry completely.

  • Sprinkle top of cake with gold sugar.

  • Cut strips of wax paper the same width as your ribbon.

  • Wrap the bottom edge of cake with wax paper strip. (This prevents frosting from seeping through and staining the ribbon.)

  • Put ribbon over paper strip and trim to size, allowing it to overlap just a bit. Secure ribbon to itself with double-stick tape.

  • Trim stems on flowers and arrange on cake.

Tip: Turbinado sugar is a great replacement if you can't find gold sugar sprinkles.