Gingerbread Skeleton Cookie

Gingerbread Skeleton Cookie

Turn everyone's favorite Christmas cookie into a spooky Halloween treat. It's easy — all you need is a favorite gingerbread recipe, a cookie cutter and a bit of imagination. Your kids will love to help you cut out the gingerbread men!


  • Your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe
  • Standard gingerbread cookie cutter
  • One tube white frosting with small tip


  1. Use your favorite gingerbread cookie recipe (like this one from Williams-Sonoma) to make the cookies.
  2. Cut out gingerbread men with the cookie cutter.
  3. Pipe icing in an oval shape (similar to that of a balloon) where the top half of the oval is wider than the bottom half, to create an outline of a skull. Add circles for the eyes and mouth and fill in the face.
  4. For the body, use thin lines to draw the arms, legs and center "spine" with a few shorter lines to indicate where the ribs are. For the hips, pipe a thin infinity shape at the bottom of the spine above both legs.
  5. Finally, for the hands and feet, use the icing to create two tiny raindrop shapes for each hand and foot by piping a dot of icing and pulling towards the existing arms and legs.