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Shannon Willardson

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Shannon Willardson

Hi! I’m Shannon Willardson—lifestyle blogger over at For the Love and @shannonwillardson on Instagram. I was so excited to have the opportunity to post on the Pottery Barn Modern Baby blog today, as I love love love all things Pottery Barn Kids (duh, who doesn’t?).

I’m newly pregnant and am preparing to add another wee little babe to our existing nursery, which is currently being occupied by my 2-year-old baby girl Charlotte. We live in a small house though, so rooms often have to take on double-duty to maximize space. Charlotte’s nursery currently doubles as our office, so finding a way to blend those two areas so they are functional and stylish has been imperative.

That’s why I was so stoked about the new Pottery Barn Modern Baby collection. I instantly fell in love with how each piece seemed like it would fit in seamlessly in basically any room in our home. Even though the products are for babies and kids, each piece feels like it’s an extension of my personal style, as well as highly multifunctional.


I also love how each piece is timeless—they are trend-forward, but not so “trendy” that they’ll go out of style quickly, or ever!

The pieces I fell most in love with were the organic sheet sets. We’ve always loved knowing our little ones were wrapped in the safest blankets. And who doesn’t get excited about pure organic sheets, that also happen to be adorable? I loved the modern and fun twist on these very neutral sheet patterns. They worked so well in our multifunction nursery/office space.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the curated collection of Pottery Barn Modern Baby, you definitely need to do so! I can’t recommend the line more! Xoxo


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