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How to Decorate a Beach-Themed Baby Room

Create a serene beach-themed nursery that will inspire your child’s imagination and provide a peaceful space for relaxation and sleep. Start by using neutral colors, woven textures and blue hues to create the backdrop for an ocean theme that you can liven up with decor and detailing. Colors such as turquoise offer a deeper pop of color for a hint of vibrancy, or opt for soft blues for a more muted and relaxed look. Make your baby’s crib the focal piece of your beach nursery decor with a unit that fits your style design. Opt for a crib in a white finish for a blank palette to start the decorating, or opt for a light wood finish such as pine or sandalwood to mimic driftwood.


Submerge Your Nursery Under the Sea

Dive into your beach-theme baby room with underwater-inspired decor that will delight any mermaid or merman. Add a whimsical touch with dream catchers featuring starfish and mermaid sayings, or opt for an airy vibe with bird decor featuring geese and seagulls. Build off a neutral palette with bright, vibrant turquoises or deep, rich navies for a stunning nursery look. Adorn brightly colored walls with soft whites, yellows and grays that invoke sunshine-filled days at the beach and floating driftwood. Mix and match colors in the same family for a soft, neutral palette, or go big and bold by adding a pop of color such as orange or coral to your blue-hued design.

Set Sail with Nautical Design

Inspire your little sailor and cast away from the shore with nautical-themed decor that highlights the fun and lively spirit of sea adventures. Choose a mirror that sports rope accents for a truly nautical feel, or opt for decor that features all the things a sailor needs to succeed. Look for anchors, lighthouses and oars to add character to your beach nursery ideas. Hang an oar on the wall for a large statement piece, or choose a lighthouse lamp to keep your design headed in the right direction.

Get Organized Above Deck and in the Hold

Keep your nursery organized and focus on the important things with our storage containers that fit right in with your beach-themed nursery. Opt for rattan or woven baskets to display around the room to hold extra blankets and clothes. Build on your nautical theme with a fabric sailboat changing table that can hold diapers and other essentials at the ready. Use anchor hooks to add hanging storage for bags and hats for a cute display in any beach-themed nursery. Opt for rope bins and baskets for a sailor look, or choose shaped storage containers in the form of whales and sharks for an under-the-sea experience.

Tuck Your Baby Into an Ocean Retreat

Keep your baby cozy and warm with bedding that plays up the fun spirit of your beach-themed nursery. Complement the sailor theme with nautical stripe bedding featuring traditional colors including navy and white. Opt for whale-embroidered bedding for an underwater look, or bring the beach theme on land with palm frond bedding details. Choose organic bedding to avoid allergens and create an eco-conscious nursery space in your home. Opt for soft linens for use in warm temperatures, or choose thick wool and fleece blankets to keep your baby warm even when the temperature outside plummets. Top off bedding with cozy nursery pillows and plushes that add comfort, and build on your beach-themed nursery decor with fun shapes including octopi, sharks, whales and pirates. Add beachy texture with embroidered or crocheted pillows, and stick with beach motifs such as shells, coral and fish for a cohesive theme throughout the room. Use pillows to add comfort to a sitting area in your nursery where you can rock your baby to sleep, or use them to create a cozy crawl-on lounge space on the floor for your baby to explore.

Bring on the Sunshine

Illuminate your beach-themed nursery with our lighting options to suit your specific room needs. Opt for table and task lamps to add lighting for reading bedtime stories, or choose floor lighting to illuminate a larger section of the room in dark environments. Add a touch of style and drama to your nursery with a chandelier featuring sea shells that coordinates perfectly with your design theme. Look for lamp bases featuring anchors, rope and shells to invoke summer days spent at your favorite beach retreat. Choose a baby nightlight to add soft, warm lighting to keep baby comfortable during the night.