10 Ways to Prepare
Your Child for Preschool

Sending your child off to preschool for the first time is difficult for both the parent and the child. It might be the first time that he's been away from home for such a long time. Preparing for preschool is simple. By following these tips, you can be sure that your child is ready for this big adventure.


Read Books Every Day

Help promote your child's language and literacy skills by reading books with her everyday. Get your child interested in reading by supplying her with several age-appropriate books with bright pictures. Your child doesn't need to be reading before preschool, but it's never to early to start developing a love for books.


Teach Your Child About Growing Up

Your child might be a bit anxious about heading off to preschool and leaving you at home. Teach him about growing up and heading off to school with the big kids. Use a growth chart to show how much he has grown in the first few years of life.


Visit the Preschool Before the First Day

Make an appointment to tour the preschool with your child before school begins. Introduce her to the teacher and encourage interaction. Walk around her classroom when no other children are present so that she can get a feel for the space.


Play Games

Children learn through play, and they do a lot of playing in preschool. Incorporate games in your daily activities to associate them with someone he loves. Give your child an advantage by choosing games and toys that teach skills like counting or the alphabet.


Work on Social Skills

Navigating a social scene without mom or dad around to correct manners can be difficult for a preschooler. Practice conversations, expressing feelings using words, taking turns, raising his hand and other skills that are useful for your child in the classroom or on the playground.


Let Your Child Pick Out School Supplies

If your child is anxious about school, ease tension by taking her school shopping and letting her pick out supplies. Getting a backpack is a rite of passage for any preschooler. Help her choose one that matches her personality and interests. Pottery Barn Kids has several styles, colors and characters to choose from. Opt for a personalized backpack with her name on it so that it is easier for her to keep track of.


Encourage Your Child to Clean Up Messes

Your child will be expected to do a lot of things for herself that you might do for her at home, such as cleaning up after herself. Teach her how to put things away when she's done playing and before she moves on to the next activity. Set up shelves, bins and other organization tools so she can handle the task on his own.


Don't Build Things Up Too Much

Preschool is definitely a milestone in your child's life, and while you realize this and can work on processing your feelings about it, it's not as easy for your future student. Avoid spending months building up expectations or practicing routines; this can overwhelm your child and cause anxiety. Start bringing up preschool a month or so in advance, and do so casually. If your child is flipping through a favorite book, for example, mention that there will be similar books in the preschool classroom — and leave it at that.


Find a Buddy

Leaving home to go somewhere that you don't know anyone can be scary for a small child. If a friend or neighbor is attending the same school, then make sure that your child knows this. Set it up so that they can ride to school together every day. It will ease worries and make school more fun.


Send a Note in Your Child's Lunchbox

Even though you can't hold his hand all day long, you can let him know that you're thinking about him. Write a note or draw a picture for your child and put it in his lunchbox. He'll be so excited to read it halfway through the day.