How to Plan a Vintage Airplane Birthday Party
How To:

Plan a Vintage Airplane Birthday Party

by The TomKat Studio

A birthday party with a vintage airplane theme is the perfect party for any little boy. Our party plan will give you everything you need to create an adorable event! From fun activities to easy DIY party decor, creative food and dessert ideas, this theme will have your guests flying high!


Choose a location and time. This is the perfect theme to use both indoors and outdoors. Allow yourself room to set up a craft area as well as seating for the party-goers to enjoy their meal. Designate an area for the Perfect Landing game!

Send or deliver invitations. Use our printable invitation design to set the tone for your upcoming celebration. Your guests will be excited to see the Vintage Airplane theme from the minute they open the invitation. For an extra special touch, hand deliver the invitations with a small airplane toy!

Plan and start making decorations. Use our printable templates to create coordinating decorations to carry the theme throughout the party. Download, print and punch the party circles to create adorable cupcake toppers. Print and assemble the Happy Birthday banner and find the perfect place to hang it for the party. Create an easy cake topper by printing and cutting out our airplane template and attaching to straws. Purchase printed maps and use to create placemats and straw flags! Use gray and navy cardstock to create pennant banners in varying sizes for hanging on chairs, from the ceiling and/or on the cake!


Shop and prepare food/desserts. If you are ordering dessert items from a baker, be sure to order well in advance. Shop for ingredients for the recipes you are preparing, as early as possible the week of the party. In addition, prepare any food and dessert items that you can in advance to save time the day of the party. Purchase ingredients for the In-Flight Snack Mix and prepare and package the day before.

Setting up the party space. Begin setting up the designated spaces for painting wooden airplanes, eating boxed lunches and game playing. Decide where

display the cake and any other treats and what type of serving platters you will use. It's also a great idea to decide where the guest of honor will open gifts and have your guests set the gifts in that area as they arrive.

Prepare party favors. Use our instructions to create hand-painted star fabric favor bags. Purchase small trinkets and candy to fill the bags. Using twine, add a printable thank you tag for the perfect finishing touch. Use a cute, coordinating tray or basket to display until the end of the party.

Day of the Party:

Decorate for the party. Hang the Happy Birthday banner and pennant banners to create a festive party space. Use blue and grey ribbon throughout the space to add more pops of color. Display the cake on a cake pedestal and add the airplane cake topper and pennant banner to the cake. Set out all supplies needed for the kids to decorate their wooden airplanes for the Perfect Landing game.

Prepare food and desserts. Prepare chicken salad sandwiches for the boxed lunches and keep refrigerated until the party begins. Assemble lunch boxes for each guest including the sandwich, fruit and other snacks, as well as a beverage. Add a ribbon and an airplane label to each box so the kids know which lunch belongs to them.