How to Throw a Whimsical Easter Celebration
How To:

Plan A Back-to-School Party

When you're planning a party to kick off the new school year, the goal is to get kids excited about getting back into the classroom. Focus on traditional school-day themes that are familiar to them, and stick to a basic color palette of rich red and sunny yellow. With a little advance planning and preparation, it's the perfect way to welcome the school year.


Plan the location and send invitations. While this party is perfect for holding in your home, you can also consider an outdoor location to take advantage of summer's last days. Choose invitations that fit with the theme, or have your child make them using crayons and paper for personalized appeal. Invitations are always a great way to give guests a sneak peek at what the party will hold, so make them feel special and true to what's in store.

Plan the menu. Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to this party's menu. The focus is on fun twists o healthful fare rather than a bunch of sugary desserts. Our Wormy Apples will make kids smile (or squirm!), while fun Pencil Sandwiches celebrate a classic icon that symbolizes learning.

Since no party is complete without a sweet treat, our Gold Star Cookies mimic the "good job" stickers kids love – plus, they're easy to personalize with a message of your choice.

Plan activities and crafts. Consider setting up activity stations with different school-subject themes, like science, math, reading or art. You could also set up a table with the makings of our Backpack Party Favors and let kids choose which items they want to fill theirs with.


Shop. Purchase the ingredients you'll need for each recipe, plus the materials needed for decoration and party favors. Get everything you'll need for any activities you have planned, and make sure the space where you're throwing your party is ready to be set up.

Make any food that can be prepared beforehand. Prepare the snacks and beverages that store well in the refrigerator. You can also make the Gold Star Cookies – or at least the icing – and set them aside.

Prepare place settings. If you're planning to use our Personalized Milk Cartons, get them ready to set out for the big day. Or, if you'd prefer party guests to make them during the party, set up a table and make sure you've got the supplies on hand.

Day of the Party:

Decorate the location. Set up the different crafts and activities, and get the food tables ready, making it easy for kids to navigate and help themselves. Set out party favors and place settings, so everyone knows where to sit.

Prepare fresh food. Make the Pencil Sandwiches. and Wormy Apples. Set out drinks and have cups ready with ice. Cut and prepare fresh fruit, cheese and other easy-to-serve, easy-to-eat fare. If you haven't made the Gold Star Cookies, prepare them with enough time to let them cool before the party.