How to Choose Color for a Girl's Room
How To:

Choose Color for a Girl's Room

Choosing colors is a great starting point for designing a girl's bedroom, and a fun opportunity to explore an endless range of options. From classic pinks and purples to sunny shades of blue, orange, gold or green, the colors you choose will play a huge role in determining the room's theme and style.

To get inspired, look at patterns. If you find a patterned fabric, window covering or area rug that you love, you can easily pull one or two colors from it to use throughout the room. Bedding is a great place to start – that new patchwork quilt might just provide the perfect wall color. It's not necessary to match the color exactly; choosing a lighter or darker tone works too.

If you've already chosen a theme for her room, the color palette may flow from that. Maybe it's pink for a ballet theme, green for a garden theme, or blue and yellow for a beach theme. Combine different intensities of your main color, from pale pastels to bright, saturated hues, to open up the possibilities.

Once you have your overall palette of one or two colors, consider adding an accent color, perhaps in a complementary hue. High-contrast combinations like pink and green or purple and yellow add energy to a room. Use the color white, too, as a counterpoint to stronger colors and patterns.

If you're drawn to a bold color but don't want to overwhelm the room, paint it on an accent wall, or use it for accessories such as window coverings and throw pillows. Test large swatches of paint on the wall before committing to a color, and look at how the natural light in the room changes its appearance through the day.