How to Choose Color for a Boy's Room
How To:

Choose Color for a Boy's Room

Color gives a boy's bedroom personality and brings together all of its decorative elements. Have fun choosing a color palette with your child. Incorporating his favorite colors will make the room feel uniquely his.

If you have a theme picked out for the room, the color palette may logically follow, whether it's the colors of his favorite sports team, navy and red for a nautical theme, or vivid blue and yellow for a superhero theme.

Get inspired by patterns, too. One great patterned rug or window covering can launch your entire color scheme. Bedding is a key element that can also inspire your wall color.

The goal is to create a space that's lively without being busy and overwhelming. Soft colors create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Rich, saturated colors create drama and a sense of enclosure. Red, orange and yellow tend to bring a sense of warmth and energy to a room; greens and blues tend to create a cooler, more tranquil feeling. Don't forget about the color white, which offers a restful contrast to strong colors and patterns.

Combining colors provides endless possibilities. High-contrast combinations like blue and orange are energetic and fun. For a soothing, mellow atmosphere, opt for a single color in a soft shade. Or go with several closely related tones of the same color, from pale pastels to bright, saturated hues. Don't overlook the ceiling; painting the ceiling a soft blue can add summer-day warmth to a room, as can shades of yellow.

If you and your son are drawn to a bold color but don't want to paint the whole room with it, use it for an accent wall and accessories like throw pillows. It's a good idea to test the paint on a large patch of the wall before fully committing, since the room's light (both natural and artificial) can make paint color look a lot different than it did on a paint chip.