Gift Ideas for the Around-the-Clock Baby Shower

Giving each guest a "time" theme for their shower gift is a great way to make sure all the new baby's needs (and the mom's!) are met, morning and night. It's also a useful way to ensure that the mom-to-be won't receive too many duplicate gifts. You'll be surprised at some of the creative ideas guests come up with for their gifts, but if you want to help inspire them, enclose a few suggestions with the invitations.

How to Assemble

  • A galvanized metal bucket (can become bath-toy storage later!)
  • A soft cotton bath wrap or infant-sized towel
  • A cotton washcloth or bath mitt
  • Baby-safe bubble bath
  • Body wash for infants (it usually doubles as shampoo)
  • Vitamin E oil or infant-safe body lotion
  • A waterproof picture book
  • Bath squirties or a waterproof rattle

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Changing Time

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Play Time

  • A portable basket or canvas bucket
  • A music box or musical plush animal
  • A CD of kids' songs
  • A couple of books (black-and-white ones are great for newborns)
  • Soft blocks with textures and sounds
  • A plush stacking toy
  • A couple of soft toys designed to hang from stroller or car-seat handles
  • A soft mirror

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Sleepy Time

  • A large, soft-sided storage container (perfect for holding blankets later)
  • A plush animal that emits white noise or heartbeat sounds
  • A blanket (choose from throws, stroller-sized styles or swaddling blankets)
  • A mobile (look for styles that twirl and play music)
  • A music box
  • A lullaby CD
  • A baby monitor
  • A couple of storybooks

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Snack Time

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Story Time

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