3 Easy Summer Crafts

When you and your kids are taking a break from the beach, the summer months are a great time to relax and have fun with some simple craft projects. These three classics may bring back memories from your own childhood – of summer camp, leisurely afternoons on the porch or sleepover activities with good friends. Kids still love to do them, and they'll hang on to what they've made as special keepsakes for years.

Braided Fabric
Friendship Bracelets


  • Scraps of fabrics in several colors and patterns
  • A spool of pom-pom yarn
  • Scissors

1. Cut two strips of fabric (about an inch wide) and one strip of pom-pom yarn per bracelet you want to make. Cut two of the strips to a length that is four inches longer than your child's wrist circumference; cut the third to a length that is 6 inches longer than the wrist circumference. It doesn't matter whether you have the yarn or one of the strips of fabric as the longest piece. The ends of the longest piece will be knotted together in order to wear the bracelet.

2. Tie the ends of your fabric and yarn together, making sure that the longest piece extends a couple of inches beyond the ends of the other two pieces. Braid the three pieces together.

3. When you're finished braiding, knot the three pieces together again. Use the extra lengths of your longest piece to tie the bracelet around your child's wrist.