3 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

A twinkling Christmas tree surrounded by an array of wrapped gifts is one of the most magical sights of the season. To give your presents that extra little flourish of hand-crafted care, try one of our creative approaches to gift wrapping. It'll make the tree on Christmas morning look that much more personal and enticing.

Rudolph's Nose Wrap


  • A pom-pom maker (available at craft stores or online)
  • Thick yarn in festive colors (we like red because it reminds us of Rudolph's nose!)

1. Wrap your gifts. Choose a simple print or plain paper so the colorful pom-poms will really pop.

2. Use your yarn and pom-pom maker to create colorful pom-poms; the more layers of yarn you use, the more fluffy and round your finished pom-poms will be.

3. Leave extra-long lengths at the ends of your finished pom-poms and use those to wrap around the gifts like ribbon. Tape or knot them discreetly to finish.