3 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

A twinkling Christmas tree surrounded by an array of wrapped gifts is one of the most magical sights of the season. To give your presents that extra little flourish of hand-crafted care, try one of our creative approaches to gift wrapping. It'll make the tree on Christmas morning look that much more personal and enticing.

Keepsake Footprint Paper


  • A roll of solid-color craft paper (we like to use unbleached paper for a rustic look)
  • Nontoxic poster paint (look for soy-based varieties; any color will work)
  • A shallow dish or pan, such as a disposable pie tin
  • A tarp or newspaper (optional)

1. Spread out a length of your craft paper; put a tarp or newspapers around the edges if you're doing the project indoors.

2. Put a small amount of your paint in your pie tin. If your child is old enough to walk, set the tin at one edge of your paper, and have them dip one or both feet into the paint and then walk around on the paper. If you're making baby footprints, gently dip your baby's feet into the paint and press them on the paper. As an alternative, you can use your child's hands to make a handprint design, or give them crayons or markers and let them create more free-form (and completely unique) artwork all over your craft paper.

3. Wait for the paint to dry completely before picking up the paper and wrapping your gifts.