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Stay Organized with These 6 Nursery Storage Ideas

With the right kind of storage, your baby’s nursery can be a refuge for both of you. A well-organized nursery can be a pleasant place for adults and infants alike – who doesn’t love smooth, efficient organization in just about any space? Fortunately, it’s easy to accomplish in your own home with some simple nursery storage ideas from Pottery Barn Kids. You can keep everything you need easily within reach in a coordinated arrangement that’s as functional as it is stylish! From diapers and wipes to onesies and bedtime books, the right nursery storage brings order and cheer to your baby’s very first bedroom.


Use the Walls

Wall shelving can be a lifesaver in the nursery, especially when floor space is limited. Having everything at eye level makes the space more efficient, and it ensures storage is out of the way when your infant reaches toddlerhood and starts exploring. You can choose stylish wall shelves that bring a decor theme to life or give utilitarian wall shelving a makeover with some paint or decoupage paper. You can fill your shelves with the items you use every day to keep the changing table and other surfaces clear.

Maximize the Closet

Baby clothes are tiny, so there might be a lot of extra space below your nursery’s top closet bar. You can use this extra space for storage with a few different approaches. One approach is to add a lower closet bar to create an extra row of hanging storage. This may come in handy as your child ages and gets more clothes that need hanging. You can also use the free space below the top closet bar as a place to add storage boxes or short chests of drawers to use for out-of-season clothing, extra supplies and baby shower gifts that will be useful when your child grows. If the closet has a door, try using some over-the-door storage hangers to add even more storage space.

Tailor Your Changing Table

Changing tables often have drawers and shelves that are ideal for storage, but you can make even better use of this blank-canvas furniture piece with some additional storage tools. Use small drawer dividers to keep all your baby’s onesies and socks neat and easy to find in the drawer. Use a hanging changing table runner to add extra storage pockets to the end of the table so you have everything you need easily within reach. With some effective tools, you can turn your changing table into a carefully composed command center for the nursery.

Bring in Baskets

Baskets and soft cloth buckets are fantastic all-purpose organization tools you can use again and again as your baby grows older. Start with a basket to use for blankets and swaddling cloths now, and then repurpose it into toy storage as your infant gets older! You can pick out colorful or whimsically shaped styles to add a decorative touch to the the look of their room. Use them in groups on the floor or on shelves for added decorative impact and a neat, polished look.

Clarify with Labels

Keeping everything in its own place is as important in the nursery as it is in any other room in your home. When you have a wriggly infant on the changing table, it’s helpful to be able to open the right drawer and pull out a diaper without even looking. Whether you have a team of family members and babysitters assisting you with infant care or it’s just you and the little one, you can keep nursery organization efficient by labeling drawers, bins, baskets and even your wall shelving.

Mobile Convenience

You don’t have to stick to baby-specific storage furniture and equipment to make your nursery functional and attractive. Grown-up furniture can actually provide lots of convenience! Bar carts and other mobile storage units, for example, can actually come in very handy. Put your diaper-changing necessities in a rolling cart if you don’t have a lot of space. You’ll be able to wheel it to the changing table when you need it and then push it out of the way or bring it to another part of the house with ease. Plus, the presentation looks fantastic!