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Six Tasty Snacks for the Beach That Kids Will Love

Hankering for a new treat to bring to the beach this summer? If you’re tired of soggy sandwiches and overly sugary drinks, and your kids are always looking for something fun and delicious to eat, it’s time to revise your lineup of snacks for the beach. Here are six tasty beach snacks for kids this summer. Pop them into your beach tote or rolling cooler and be prepared for kid-approved reviews!



Let It Roll

Kids love to eat just about anything that’s rolled up. Maybe it’s the fun of discovering what’s inside, or just the intriguing shape. Whatever the reason, a sandwich roll-up is a great beach snack idea that’s easy to make. Let kids pick out their favorite meats, cheeses, veggies and toppings. Lay a flat tortilla (flour, corn or multi-grain are good options) on a paper plate. Cover most of the tortilla with the sauce or condiment of their choice. Top with thinly sliced meat and/or cheese. Sprinkle with lettuce, tomato, pickles, olives, etc. Fold two sides of the tortilla toward the center, then tightly roll one long end toward the other. Refrigerate until just before you leave for the beach. When it’s time for a break from the waves, unroll a colorful beach towel and bring on the roll-ups!


Kid-Made Lunch Extraordinaire

Feeling brave? Give kids the go-ahead to make their own beach snacks! With just a little supervision from you, they will love the opportunity to be their own chefs. Slice any fruit or vegetables they may want ahead of time so they can be easily packed. Encourage healthy treats, with maybe just a little room for a sweet snack. Place their homemade treats in handy food storage containers and have them carry the goodies in their lunch bags. Encourage kids to clean up when they’re done!


Make It Fancy

Paper plates are handy, but reusable plates are environmentally friendly and add a bit of panache to a beach picnic. You and your kids can pick your favorite sturdy Pottery Barn Kids plates and utensils to go along with prepared snacks. Add to the festive occasion by making cut-out sandwiches using cookie cutters (sun and flowers are always popular this time of year). 


Drink to This

Pre-made drinks often contain lots of sugar, but kids sometimes turn up their noses at plain water. There are a few ways to sweeten the deal so the kids have a fun, refreshing drink and you feel good about the ingredients. In a plastic pitcher, combine fresh-squeezed lemon, orange and grapefruit juices. Add thin slices of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Stir and refrigerate. It’s refreshing, colorful and healthy (but you don’t have to tell the kids that last part). Experiment with different flavors your kids like. For example, you can add pitted cherries to the drink, or toss in fresh basil for a tasty twist. After playing in the sunshine, curl up beneath a beach tent or umbrella and enjoy one of these refreshers with your children.


For the Apple of Your Eye

At the beach, you want a refreshing after-lunch to treat that won’t wilt from the heat or get soggy when near water. Cinnamon apple chips are the perfect choice. Core and slice apples. (The type of apples you use should depend on the amount of sweetness or tartness your kids prefer. Sour apples can also be used.) Coat apples with cinnamon and line them on a cookie sheet. Place in a 200-degree oven for about two to three hours. The apples should still be soft. Once they cool, place them in airtight containers to take to the beach. Cinnamon apple chips add to beach-time enjoyment. Kids can wear them as rings on their fingers or make apple eyeglasses. Best of all, they are fun and healthy to eat.


Quick and Colorful    

Taking a last-minute trip to the beach? No time to prep for a snack? Think color! Kids love to eat foods that appeal to them, and fruit and vegetables in intriguing hues encourage them to snack healthily. Fill one container with a mix of berries and sliced melon, or combine red and green grapes in a single bowl. In another container, combine carrots, red and yellow peppers, celery and (for some extra kick) purple asparagus. Shake gently to mix the colorful food. When you get to the beach, unpack the fresh snacks and encourage kids to make a rainbow treat.