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How to Throw an Easter Themed Birthday Party

Easter doesn’t fall on the same day every year, which gives children with March or April birthdays a great opportunity to enjoy an Easter-themed birthday celebration. If your little one shares a birthday around the Easter bunny’s arrival this year, consider throwing a themed party that combines elements from both occasions. With its bright colors, adorable decor and kid-friendly motifs, Easter is an ideal holiday to use as inspiration for a wonderful birthday party. These Easter-themed party ideas from Pottery Barn Kids’ can help you throw an event everyone will love.


Dual-Purpose Decor

It’s easy to find Easter and birthday decor, and combining them is a great way to add some pizzazz to the party. It’s also easy to create your own personalized decorations by transforming Easter decor into birthday decor with a few clever alterations. For example, you can make a decorative bunny figurine into birthday decor by adding a tiny party hat made of paper or felt or sticking birthday cake-shaped stickers onto dyed eggs. If you love exploring your DIY skills, you can combine Easter and birthday garlands to spell out happy birthday wishes accented by bunny, carrot and egg shapes.

Bring In the Balloons

You can make your Easter-themed birthday party ultra-festive by combining the two themes with one clever item: Easter egg balloons! You might be able to find some pre-made egg balloons at your local party supply store, but if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easy to decorate your own, as well. With a few paint pens and a bouquet of pastel-hued helium balloons, you can add some egg-decor designs and transform those floating birthday emblems into giant Easter eggs for all the kids to take home. Celebratory messages such as “Hoppy Birthday!” add fun to you your Easter/birthday balloons.

Aim For Classic Gifts

As you’re planning the combination Easter and birthday celebration, it’s a good idea to balance the gifts and the holiday-themed elements. If your child hasn’t explicitly asked for anything Easter-themed for their birthday, don’t worry about incorporating the holiday theme for the gift table. Some guests may bring holiday-themed gifts, but if you provide some Easter-free presents in classic birthday wrapping paper, it’ll help your little one feel more like the star of the show.

Add the Icing on the Cake

There are so many great ideas to try for an Easter-themed birthday cake that it’s easy to focus on more than one! From marshmallow bunnies to colorful chocolate eggs, the Easter season offers up a wide variety of sweets to use as part of a birthday cake design. You can also opt to simply use icing to draw seasonal images such as grass, flowers, bunnies, baby chicks and lambs onto your little one’s favorite cake. To keep the treats anchored on the birthday theme, you might want to opt for a classic layer cake in your kid’s favorite flavors and leave room on the top for your personalized birthday message and candles.

Set the Table

Your birthday party table can also focus on Easter while still incorporating festive, kid-friendly fun. Items such as table cloths, centerpieces, plates, napkins and cups can all carry the holiday theme, and you can even bring in some birthday decor items such as party hats and confetti in pastel shades. Any other special touches that appeal specifically to your child, such as cake plates featuring their favorite cartoon characters, can also add to the mix. If it doesn’t match perfectly, don’t worry. The kids will love it!

Have Some Fun

Games always make a birthday party even more exciting, and you can put an Easter twist on those activities in so many ways. An egg hunt is a great choice, but you can think outside the box as well with activities like egg relays. It’s also a fun plan to arrange for the guests to make their own Easter-themed craft projects with activities like bunny mask making or custom egg painting.