How to Get Your Child Organized for School

School supplies are so fun to use, but did you know you can also make it fun for kids to organize them? From books and papers to boxes of crayons and lunch bags, there are all sorts of supplies that go into backpacks before the day starts. With a few great storage ideas and a simple plan to follow, it’s easy to get your child organized for school. These organization tips for school make quick work of the process of getting ready and heading out the door each day.

Study Space

Get the Right Gear

Mornings are easier when you have a place for everything to go. That means backpacks and other gear for transporting school supplies. Start with your kid’s backpack. It might be loaded with pencils and markers mixed in with report cards and action figures. One easy way to bring order is with some smaller bags, folders and containers to go inside the backpack. Put all pencils in a pencil case, all papers in folders and anything else in orderly pouches. Let your child pick out some of these organizational items and pack them together so he or she knows what goes where and feels included in the process.

Kids Need Storage Space, Too

Backpacks are great for keeping gear together on the go, and your child can also benefit from some storage to use at home. It’s a smart idea to unload backpacks every day after school as part of the process for staying organized, but all that stuff – plus the jackets, hats, mittens and shoes your youngster may be wearing – needs a practical place to go. Use storage shelving units with fun, decorative bins and baskets to give your child a dedicated location for storing all the various odds and. If you have more than one child, give each his or her own bins and baskets with their names on them so everyone stays organized.

Establish a Routine

Teaching kids to be organized and take responsibility for their own stuff can make this process even easier. As always, routine is a big part of making each morning go smoothly. Get them in the habit of checking that they have everything they need before walking out the door. You can build time into your schedule for them to check that they’ve packed everything they need in their backpack and lunch bag before you head out the door. When you get home, have them go through their backpacks before they do anything else; this helps them get used to the process of checking their possessions and putting anything away in their new (and organized!) spot.

Make Your Entryway Your Ally

An organized entryway area can be such a help, assisting with this process of checking before heading out and unloading after coming home. Consider stocking your entryway with shelves, bins and baskets. Set up all of the organization accessories, and try adding a special basket or folder where everyone can add homework and other paperwork that needs attention at home. Having a dedicated place for organization also makes it easier to establish a routine. This idea can work just as well in a hallway, the kitchen or even the garage – wherever you prefer!

Stay Motivated

Everything’s easier with a little incentive. Make organization rewarding for your kids with a fun reward like a calendar or white board where you keep track of successes. Give stars on each day your kid successfully packs and unpacks their bag. If your child really wants a particular new backpack, use that as an incentive for keeping the current backpack organized and clean for a month. Little joys like this make the process of getting organized more fun for everyone involved.