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How to Dress Baby for Summer  

Summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, and it is especially fun for children. Babies tend to be mesmerized by their surroundings, especially if they have been inside due to chilly or inclement weather. Everything still feels new to them, and they are probably going to want to explore. Babies, like adults, need to dress appropriately for their surroundings and knowing how to dress baby for summer is important to keep your child happy and healthy.  


Prepare for the Beach  

Babies may not have had a chance to develop a tolerance for the sun, so try to protect their eyes by shielding them with a pair of baby sunglasses (if the child is old enough to wear them). Baby sunglasses come in handy at the beach because they shade your baby's eyes from the glare that comes off the water and other bright surfaces. A pop-up tent is an essential accessory that provides protection from the sun and the wind while spending time outdoors.  

Dress Light for Sunny Weather  

Dressing baby for summer is fun because of all the cute outfits that are available. If the baby is going to spend any time in the sun, try to protect its head with a baby hat that fits snugly without being restricting. Light clothing is best for warm days, and sometimes a diaper cover is enough clothing if a baby is in the shade.  

Keep Baby Cozy  

Summer days are often scorchers, so parents may focus on that when dressing their children. It is helpful to remember that sometimes the air feels cooler to babies in the morning or evening, so keep your child warm with a cozy baby tunic or cover-up if the temperature drops. There are many options to choose from that are ideal for young babies and toddlers.  

Keep Baby Dry  

Taking a dip in the water with a baby is a refreshing way to cool off on a hot summer day. Prepare your kids for this adventure by packing them swim caps and goggles to wear while in the water with you. Bring along some beach toys to make the experience even more enjoyable for baby. Squirter toys don't need to be saved for the bathtub, since these toys are fun to use in swimming pools or at the beach, too.  

Be Ready for Anything  

Summer weather is often unpredictable, so pack a tote or diaper bag with extra clothing in case the temperature changes quickly. Having a car seat shade for summer newborns keeps the sun and wind at bay, and it can also help shield them from flying insects as well. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide variety of baby-on-the-go essentials to make outings more enjoyable for babies and the entire family.