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How to Host a Circus Baby Shower

When you think of a circus, the awe-inspiring big top, acrobats, clowns and delicious treats like cotton candy probably come to mind! If you have a baby shower coming up, make the event extra memorable for the guest of honor by planning a nostalgic, charming circus theme. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have plenty of circus-themed ideas to get you started with your planning – use them all in different ways, or pick a few to focus on!

Dazzling Decor

Consider setting the mood for your baby shower even before the guests arrive by sending out creative circus-inspired invitations. One fun way to get the excitement going is to send out invitations that look like tickets to the circus or posters announcing the day the circus will be in town! Remember to include pertinent information, including the date, time, location and guest of honor, as well as any information your guests might find helpful when choosing a gift, such as the baby’s name or a site address for the parents' online registry.

Balloons are another great place to start when it comes to setting the scene. Try to choose colors that fit your theme; bright greens, yellows, reds, blues and brilliant shades of orange are great for a circus atmosphere because they're bright and lively. Plus, the colors you choose can set the tone for the rest of the shower’s decorations. Every other element that you choose is easy to match when it includes one or more of the colors from your color scheme.

It’s easy to find themed tableware for your circus party, too. A pretty tablecloth, patterned napkins and themed glasses can all contribute to your party’s mood. Animals also show up at the circus quite frequently, and it's easy to bring in some big-top flair with elephants, lions and even seals. When picking out patterns, look for items with bright colors and wide stripes to mimic circus tents. Another decor idea is to display all the gifts for the guest of honor in a prominent place. For instance, a table with fabric draping down from a hoop hung above it creates a festive circus-inspired feel.

Tasty Treats

The circus theme is not only colorful and fun – it’s downright delicious. When you’re planning your refreshments, think about having a variety of flavors. With the circus theme, you can find ways to incorporate flavors and ingredients like banana, peanut butter, cotton candy, lollipops and popcorn! You could serve some of these treats just as they are served at circuses, with big buckets of popcorn and fluffy clouds of cotton candy. Or, try your hand at baked goods that incorporate these flavors. For example, a banana-flavored cake with a monkey design piped on top makes for a creative, eye-catching centerpiece for your dessert table. You can still embrace traditionally flavored party fare, too! Decorated sugar cookies cut into the shapes of various circus animals make a sweet addition, as do frosted cupcakes, macarons and brownies.

When it comes to choosing which parts of the circus to represent on your cake or cookies, anything goes. Plan on a whole tray of sugar cookie clowns next to a cake stand filled with elephant cupcakes. Or, frost a sheet cake, pipe a tightrope of buttercream across it and place a fondant acrobat on top. Your dessert table will look like a three-ring circus, complete with a menagerie of animals represented in treat form.

Fun Favors

What sort of favors would you like to send your friends home with? They can even be utilized as part of your decor when you put them around the table at each guest’s place setting or display them all together on a side table. Lollipop bouquets and decorated boxes of animal crackers bearing the baby's due date are as decorative as they are fun. Consider packaging up backs of colorful kettle corn for guests to take home, too!