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Fun in the Sun: 4 Summer Activities for Baby

Summertime is synonymous with fun. It’s time for kids and adults to head outside, enjoy the warm weather and soak up rays. Are you ready? Pottery Barn Kids has some suggestions for outdoor baby activities that the entire family can enjoy.  


Go to the Zoo  

Going to the zoo is fun at any age. With a little pre-planning, you and your baby are sure to have a great time visiting the animals. In addition to packing the essentials, bringing sunscreen and a protective hat ensures your baby’s skin is protected from the sun. A stroller that has a canopy and reclines will protect your baby from the heat and allow for comfortable naps. Keeping your baby’s needs in mind and being flexible will help you both enjoy the trip.

You may want to limit your visit to the time frame you feel your baby can handle. Instead of trying to see all the animals in one visit, prioritizing the animals you’d like to see the most allows you to relax and move at a pace that works for both of you. Visiting the indoor exhibits when the sun is at its hottest is a wise idea to beat the heat. You’re sure to be taking lots of pictures of your baby’s outing, so remember to include yourself in a few snapshots!  

Have a Playdate Outdoors  

Enjoying time outdoors promises to be fun when friends are involved. Playdates at the park or beach allow the babies to play alongside one another and enjoy a new environment. It also allows you to visit with other parents and enjoy each other’s company. Does your park have summer concerts? Babies love music, and toddlers are certain to enjoy dancing along. Are you having a picnic? Bringing your baby’s favorite foods ensures healthy happiness. Stainless-steel food containers are durable and keep food fresh while the babies are busy playing. If you’re planning a full day of activities, consider bringing a travel crib or playard so the babies can nap.  

Splash in the Pool  

Of all the summer activities for babies, playing in the pool is a time-honored favorite. Add a few pool toys to a baby pool, and your child is sure to have a blast. Are you heading out to a larger pool? Babies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults, so you may need to get out of the water on occasion so your baby can get warm again. A cover-up helps you keep your baby warm when it’s time to get out of the water to take a break or head home after a day of fun.  

Play with Bubbles  

Sometimes the simplest activities bring the most joy. Babies love watching bubbles and grasping for them. Simply sitting outside with your baby and blowing bubbles is sure to make your child laugh and smile. Older babies enjoy trying to blow their own bubbles, too. This is a great time to videotape the two of you playing together, as you’re certain to cherish these memories for many years to come.