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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Name

Having a baby is an exciting time brimming with anticipation and planning. While some expectant parents know exactly what they plan to name their children early on, don’t worry if you’re not sure – it’s a big decision! If you’re wondering how to pick a baby name, Pottery Barn Kids is here to help!



Ask yourself how the name sounds rolling off your tongue. Do you like how it sounds combined with the middle name and the last name? Imagining how it will look monogrammed on keepsakes or being read aloud at graduation can also be helpful.


Consider whether you like the potential nicknames for the name you’re contemplating. Some people choose names specifically because they also enjoy the shortened version. For example, you may love the names Samantha and Sam or Elijah and Eli. If you want to establish a nickname for your child early on, how about showing that name off? Personalized decorative pillows proudly displaying your child’s nickname are a sweet addition to any nursery.

Alternative Family Names

Parents who want to honor a family member often name their child after the relative. However, in some situations this doesn’t work as easily, such as when the child’s gender is different from the relative’s. In these circumstances, you can get creative. Consider whether the relative’s last name or maiden name could be a good first name. Or, can you alter their name? If you’re having a baby girl and want to honor your dad, George, how about naming her Georgia? Of course, your child will always feel a special bond with the loved one they’re named after. A wonderful way to encourage that bond is to display a picture of the relative in your child’s nursery. A personalized picture frame featuring their shared name is a keepsake your child will always cherish.

How Does the Name Age?

One way to envision this is to picture your child as an adult introducing themselves to their co-workers in a board meeting. A name that sounds great as a child and eloquent as an adult ensures they’ll enjoy it, too.


Many parents like to create a theme between siblings’ names. For example, some parents give their children the same first initials. Another popular naming convention is to give your children the same ending, such as Audrey and Henley. If you already have children, getting them involved in choosing the baby’s name based on your theme is a fun way to include them in the process. And, they immediately have something in common with the new baby. To celebrate the theme, you can display the children’s initials or names with decorative letters in their bedrooms.

Time Period

Vintage names have made a big comeback. Names like Henry, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Charlotte are both classic and modern. If you prefer a vintage name that’s less widely used, look to history books, classical literature and old movies. Want to add a vintage touch to your child’s nursery after picking a baby name? A personalized plush rocker that displays your child’s name offers comfortable seating and timeless style that the whole family will love.