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5 Insanely Fun Mother’s Day Games

Celebrate togetherness this Mother’s Day with some of our favorite games to play as a group. Mom will catch the giggles with these insanely fun Mother’s Day games from Pottery Barn Kids!


Perform Mom’s Favorite Sayings

How well does your family know Mom’s favorite phrases? If you’re preparing in advance for this personalized game of charades, record about a dozen of Mom’s favorite sayings on small slips of paper. Each participant can choose one to act out for the audience or come up with their own on the spot. Include all the classics that are unique to your own guest of honor. Grab a cozy chair and settle in for the performance.

What’s in Mom’s Purse?

Mom’s supernatural ability to prepare for every situation will be the star of this fun contest. Have Mom grab her favorite bag and allow each family member to take a turn guessing an item that may be inside. Each correct item earns one point, and the winner is the one who’s collected the most correct items. Even Mom will be impressed at her ability to pack smartly!

“When I Was Your Age”

This silly contest benefits from a bit of advance preparation, but the payoff will be a wonderful keepsake for the day. Compose a short list of questions for each child to answer on their own sheet of paper about Mom’s childhood. Depending on the ages of the kids, you can include some that are sure to brings laughs later, like “How did Mom do research for a school paper?” or warm family favorites like, “What was mommy’s favorite bedtime story?” Mom will love sharing stories from her own childhood, and even older generations may be able to chime in with questions like, “How did Grandma get to school?”

Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Since springtime will be in full swing, Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the season. If gorgeous weather is in the forecast, your group can take the party outdoors with a small scavenger hunt for Mom’s favorite things. Create a short list of tiny treasures for each team to hunt for, and then grab a small basket to carry them back to your home base. Consider including some spring favorites like a daisy, a colorful feather or something shiny. Everyone will enjoy the fresh air and laughter.

Know Your Mom Quiz

A perfect activity for younger children, this funny quiz will have both kids and adults giggling along. Before the big day, create a page of short descriptive questions about Mom, like “How old is Mommy?” or “What’s Mommy’s favorite color?” Leave a large blank space for the kids to draw a portrait of Mom as well. Add crayons or painted accents to the portraits to create an art project Mom can’t wait to frame.