5 Easter Games for Kids Beyond the Traditional Egg Hunt

Egg hunts are traditionally the star of the show when it comes to Easter party games. And, when it comes to playing the day away, you have so many great options for making this holiday an exciting time for little ones! These Easter game ideas from Pottery Barn Kids provide inspiration for some alternative games to try at your next holiday party.



Exciting Egg Roll

Add an extra layer of enjoyment to your egg hunt by staging an Easter egg roll race before everyone begins the egg hunt. You can set up the race on a grassy area—just make sure to mark lanes for each player! Children will stay in their lanes as they use a wooden spoon or stick to nudge their egg down the track to the finish line. You can use hard boiled eggs for this, but plastic is also a great option. Consider providing some Easter-themed prize ribbons or medals for the winners of the race.


Fashionable Hat Parade

This hat-decorating activity brings the Easter bonnet into the modern era with some springtime pizzazz. All you need are some plain white baseball caps or plastic party hats and decorating supplies such as puffy paint, glitter glue, sequins, feathers, paper and ribbon. Each child can then decorate a hat, and once the glue and paint has completely dried, they can parade around the lawn or wear the hats as they hunt for eggs. At the end of the party, the kids can take their hats home.


Jelly Bean Jar Challenge

Have you ever played a “guess how many candies are in this jar” game? Kids will love this Easter-friendly brain teaser! You can turn the traditional counting game into an Easter-themed quest by filling a Mason jar with multicolored jelly beans and letting the kids guess how many beans are inside of it. Feel free to think of a few ways to determine the winner – for example, the winner could be whoever has the closest guess without going over the actual number. The winner can take the jar home as the grand prize!


Egg Piñata Smash

Piñatas are fun for any occasion, and if you’re looking for Easter game ideas that will be a real “hit” with the crowd, this is a great option. You may be able to find a ready-made Easter egg piñata, but if you can’t find one, you can make one easily with a balloon, newspaper, glue or papier mache mix, craft paint and brushes. Simply blow up the balloon so it’s large enough to hold your candy fillings and Easter gifts, and then use your adhesive to soak and attach small strips of newspaper to the outside. It’s a good idea to build the balloon and newspaper into an egg shape, which may mean adding some extra strips to the top and bottom so you can achieve a look that’s not as round. Let it dry, paint the outside (which is another fun activity to enjoy with kids a few days before Easter) and pop the balloon. To finish it off, cut an opening to add the filling, seal it, hang it and let the kids have fun breaking it open. This is a great outdoor activity for sunny Easter parties.


Pin the Egg in the Basket

This cute game is a fun twist on the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” party game – but instead of a tail and a donkey, have the kids pin an egg to the Easter bunny’s basket. Before the party, you can prepare the game by drawing or printing out a large picture of the Easter bunny with an empty basket. The kids can follow the standard rules for the game—whoever pins their egg closest to the basket will win the grand prize! If you want to add a crafty twist, have each child decorate their own paper egg so it’s easy to tell whose egg is whose!