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5 Baby Travel Gear Essentials for Baby's First Trip

Traveling with your infant or toddler is about to get a whole lot easier. This breakdown of the best baby travel gear will make flying, car trips and even boat or train travel as smooth as can be. Pottery Barn Kids has all the right gear for easy, hassle-free traveling with baby in tow.


Multipurpose Diaper Bag

Your current day-to-day diaper bag may have everything you need for a quick errands trip, but does it have room for additional essentials? A dedicated travel diaper bag with extra compartments, a comfortable strap and handy on-the-go accessories like a portable changing pad can make a world of difference while you're globetrotting with your little one. You can treat the smaller compartments of your travel diaper bag as a purse while you're actively in transit, or simply use the extra space to store more diapers, bottles and toys so you're sure not to run out.

Seasonal Destination Supplies

Whether it's a toddler-sized long-sleeve beach cover-up or a set of tiny mittens and a little hat for your ski getaway, pack the seasonal gear your baby needs rather than planning to go shopping for it once you arrive. You never know what kind of supplies you might find — and at what destination-inflated prices — at your destination. Vacations are more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about logistics like this, so pack it all ahead of time.

Packable Food Storage

Babies who are old enough for solids can often be pacified by a well-timed snack, so it pays to have some pre-packed snack food items on hand while you're away from home. This is especially true if you're headed for rural or foreign destinations that may not have the exact snacks you're used to giving your toddler. Young children love routine, so sticking with something familiar is likely to provide maximum comfort and security when you need it most.

Bath Time Supplies

Hotels usually provide shampoo, conditioner and soap for adults who happen to forget their own, but it's not as common for vacation lodging to include baby shampoo and specially formulated soaps for delicate skin. Pack a separate toiletry kit for your baby and include the same shampoo, soap and lotion you normally use to avoid unexpected skin irritation. You can also bring along a couple of your baby's hooded bath towels to keep the bath time routine as close to normal as possible. Maintaining routines like this can make the travel experience more relaxing for parents and babies alike.

Toys and Books

Even though babies aren't yet old enough to amuse themselves the way their older, fully mobile siblings are, it's still a good idea to bring along some activities to occupy them. From a favorite toy to your go-to bedtime books, these little amusements can provide a surprising amount of comfort and distraction for babies who are generally cranky about their current jet-setting lifestyle situation. Parents can also find some satisfaction in playing with a fussy little one, making toys and books well worth the suitcase real estate, especially for an airplane carry-on.