5 Baby Registry Must-Haves You May Forget

You've done your homework by researching the best registry must-have items for your new baby, and the day to create your list is finally here. As you start prepping your registry, you might start spotting a couple things that you weren't already thinking of, but you already know they're going to be must-haves as soon as you see them. You might also wonder what other helpful essentials you're forgetting to add. Don't worry! Check out some of these baby registry must-haves you may have forgotten, and shop with renewed confidence that you'll have everything your baby needs.


Add Feeding Essentials for Different Stages

Feeding time comes quite often for babies. Baby bottles in various sizes are always a great idea for gift registries. If you or your partner is breastfeeding, an infant-support nursing pillow is a must-have item because it relieves the tension on your arms and transfers a portion of the child's weight to the cushioning of the pillow, instead. Sippy cups, baby spoons, snack containers and feeding sets are also worth adding to the list.

Make Bath Time Comfy and Fun

Bathing your child in an environment that's both comfortable and fun is a rewarding experience. Baby bathtubs offer stable support, which makes bathing a curious infant easier. A bath knee pad for you is an essential that many people tend to forget about! Hooded bath towels, wraps and nursery tunics are also great for registry lists, as are bath timers, clothes hampers, bathtub toy organizers and personalized step stools.

Consider Future Bedding Needs

Nursery furniture like standard cribs and bassinets are common for baby registries; however, a lot of parents don't consider future bedding needs for their children in a gift registry. Cribs that convert to toddler beds save future bedding expenses, give the child room to grow and come in plenty of space-saving designs. Storage wall systems are also ideal space-saving solutions for small nurseries, as are bookcases and hanging organizers.

Diaper the Easy Way

Changing tables make baby dressing and diapering more comfortable because you can change your baby from an upright position. When you're choosing changing tables, you might forget to add changing pads and covers to your list of needs. Put at least two or three of these items on the registry so there's always a clean set to use in case of accidents.

Include the Extras

Before completing your baby registry must-have list, take a moment to consider all the extras you might need for the new baby which can add up fast! For example, it's a great idea to add a mattress to the registry list because many mattresses for cribs and beds are sold separately. Other extras to think about are diaper pails, bottle brushes, dehumidifiers, grooming kits, safety gates and other baby-proofing items. Check out some of these helpful registry picks for even more ideas for that special event.