4 Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

The excitement of celebrating and an eagerness to express creativity make Mother's Day the ideal holiday for kids to craft memorable gifts for mom to cherish. From footprint art to personalized jewelry, Pottery Barn Kids has some great ideas that will make Mom's day special while helping your children enjoy the festivities.


Create a Footprint Masterpiece

There's nothing sweeter than the pitter patter of little feet, especially on Mother's Day morning. Celebrate the joys of toddlerhood with handmade (or footmade!) Mother's Day crafts for toddlers that are sure to become keepsakes. Using a large paintbrush, gently cover the soles of your child's feet with a thin layer of washable paint. Stamp each footprint on a thick piece of cardstock in a layout limited only by your imagination – both feet pointed upwards in a "V" shape form a heart, two feet stamped upward can form the wings of a butterfly or a single foot can be a fish, penguin, flower or bunny. Once you have the outline, use a smaller paintbrush to fill in finishing details. Frame your masterpiece for a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Design Your Own Jewelry

Moms often wear their hearts on their sleeves, but a heartwarming pendant around her neck can really dress up a Mother's Day outfit. Children will love to help create a pretty piece of jewelry that Mom can wear on her special day – or every day. Let the kids pick out their favorite beautiful pieces of keepsake jewelry, like charm necklaces that they can design and string themselves. Add a homemade photo pendant to your chain for an extra-personalized touch.

Make a Mommy Portrait

Mothers hold a special place in their children's hearts, and sometimes the best way for them to express their emotions is through art. Get a pack of water-soluble paints, small paintbrushes and one small canvas (find these at your local craft store) for each child. Guide the children in thinking of the small details that make Mom so memorable to them, and then encourage them to paint those details in a homemade portrait. Adding small details like Mom's favorite place in the background will really make the project feel personal. Display your new art on a small shelf for Mom to discover on her special day.

Invent a New Story

Switch things up for Mom this Mother's Day and have the children read a book to her. Using a pre-made blank book or a few sheets of paper, encourage the children to write a story that Mom would love to hear. Make a title page, draw illustrations and include the kids' own words. You can even include a short biography of the authors! Or, personalize a professionally bound book that mom can read to the kids later. Everyone will love a little extra reading time, and the children can learn while they create. This holiday is a wonderful time for children to show their appreciation and love by creating heartfelt Mother's Day crafts that make Mom's day. An extra-special gift for mom is sure to remind her of her family's love all year long.