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4 Sun Safety Tips for Kids

When you create a barrier between the sun’s ultraviolet rays and your child’s skin, you're providing protection that delivers positive benefits for your child’s entire lifetime. This is because the sun’s rays have the potential to affect the skin in ways that don’t show up until years later, so a bit of proactive protection now goes a long way. Enjoy outdoor fun with the family while protecting your child’s delicate skin from the sun’s rays with these simple sun safety tips from Pottery Barn Kids. For the best results and most coverage possible, combine two or more of these ideas. Combining types of sun protection keeps kids covered when lounging in the yard or romping at the beach, and even on active days, too.  


Sun Safety for Kids: Sunblock, Hats and Sunglasses

Keeping kids safe from the sun typically starts with sunblock, and it’s a good idea to apply a generous layer of it to all exposed skin every time your child goes outside. Sunblock is a great start, but it does wear off, so it's important to reapply it according to the directions on the bottle for the maximum coverage. However, this type of lotion doesn’t always provide complete coverage for your child, so it’s incredibly important to combine sun protection types. For example, you don't put sunblock in your child’s eyes, so adding a pair of UV-protected sunglasses or a floppy brimmed hat not only looks cute on your child, but protects their eyes from the sun, too.  


Beach Cover-ups, Long-Sleeved Shirts and Robes

Covering up with garments is another way to keep the sun off your child’s skin. Long-sleeved clothes protect their arms, but sometimes it's just too hot outside to keep a long-sleeved shirt on all day. That’s why beach cover-ups and bathrobes are so handy for sun protection. The loose design lets air flow around your child’s skin, and the design makes it easy to snuggle in if it gets unexpectedly chilly. Have your children slip into these types of garments after a swim, when playing in the yard or on the patio, or whenever a cool breeze is blowing for a bit of extra warmth combined with sun protection.  


Blankets and Beach Towels

When you’re packing your tote bag or backpack for an outdoor excursion, tightly roll a blanket or beach towel and stick it in the side of your bag. It’s so quick and easy to grab a blanket or towel and drape it over your child’s shoulders for instant sun protection. On hot days when wearing an extra layer isn't comfortable, hang a blanket or towel over a couple of branches or chair backs to create ready-made shade. Then, just have your child take a seat in the shade, safely out of the sun’s rays. These supplies also make handy covers at nap time, so you can double the possible uses without packing anything extra.


Umbrellas, Teepees and Pop-Ups

Sun protection isn't all about things to spread on your skin or clothes and wraps to protect skin. Some styles of beach furniture are designed with built-in protection from the sun – and built-in fun! Folding beach chairs with umbrellas and family pop-ups are easy to carry and set up anywhere. Position these portable pieces so your child is seated in the shade. As the sun passes overhead and the day goes on, simply turn the chair or pop-up so the sun is blocked by the unit’s fabric canopy. When you’re done outside, dust everything off and pack it back in its convenient carrying case. If your child is playing in the back yard or on the patio, it also works beautifully to tote a playroom teepee outside and set it up for playtime.  


Using a Stroller to Enhance Baby Sun Protection

By carefully positioning the built-in canopy on a bassinet or stroller, you turn your baby’s stroller into an effective sun-protection tool. A simple adjustment of the canopy keeps the sun off your baby, and it only takes a moment to turn the stroller so the sun is blocked during those rare moments when the canopy doesn’t create enough shade. With a stroller, it’s also simple to tuck extra blankets, hats and baby sunglasses into the storage space, so you always have everything you need to protect your child from the sun’s rays.