3 Kid-Friendly Outings Perfect for Mother's Day

Make your celebrations extra-special with these Mother's Day activities for kids. Pottery Barn Kids' day trip ideas highlight your love for mom while allowing the whole family to enjoy some refreshing, memorable activities. We've focused on outdoor activities so the kids can be as energetic as they want while providing a welcome sense of family togetherness for mom to savor.


Botanical Garden Adventure

Many cities have a botanical garden or gorgeous park of some kind. Whether it's a traditional Japanese or Chinese garden, an arboretum filled with native local tree species or a historic estate with spectacular floral plantings, these open-air venues allow your family to soak up the May sun and give mom a day filled with natural beauty. Kids can run around exploring while the parents stroll hand in hand at a more leisurely pace. Some gardens even include special kids' activities and interactive tours that help them (and you!) learn more about the beautiful scenery in bloom.

Scenic Local Picnic

Your outdoor entertainment for Mother's Day is great when it's simple and local! A picnic at a beautiful location – like a favorite park, a family-friendly beach within a short drive of the house or even your own backyard – offers a range of different activities for your family to enjoy, starting with a delicious meal that you can either order from a local restaurant or pack yourself with help from the kids. It's a great idea to focus on mom's favorite foods, but make sure to include some kid-friendly options as well!

While afternoon is a great time for a picnic, an evening dinnertime adventure can also be lovely. A stunning sunset provides endless photo opportunities which gives your family something special to remember the day by! Bring along some toys or games for the kids and let mom bask in the sun or run around in the grass with the kids. Outdoor accessories like a giant family-sized beach towel or a pop-up tent can also make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for all. Plus, they make for super-fun photo props!

Experience Amazing Family Memories

If mom is an adventurer or general lover of incredible experiences, you can also focus on Mother's Day activities for kids that will get everyone excited. From rafting to hot air balloon rides, your local area likely has a wealth of exciting outdoor activities to enjoy during a single Sunday. Think of something mom would really love, and be sure it has an element of appeal for the kids to help everyone enjoy the day to the absolute fullest – mom is sure to be happy when her kids are, too. Horseback rides, boat tours, beach jet ski rentals or even tours of local natural wonders can all inspire incredible memories for the whole family, giving mom a significant gift she will treasure for a lifetime.