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2 Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Recipes

Pottery Barn Kids wants your Mother's Day to be extra special for both mom and the kids this year. These Mother's Day recipes for kids are quick, easy and safe for kids with just a little bit of adult supervision. Mom will love getting to enjoy these delicious treats on her special day!


Hazelnut Waffles with Strawberry Hearts and Banana Flowers

Breakfast in bed is an iconic tradition for this mom-focused holiday, and if you're looking for easy Mother's Day breakfast ideas for kids, this may be just the ticket. It's also a versatile recipe. While these sweet and fruity waffles are great for breakfast, they can also be adapted for dessert with the addition of a few chocolate chips or a fine dusting of powdered sugar. Either way, budding chefs will love how elaborate the finished product looks. Plus, they’re so easy to whip up!


  • Prepared fresh or frozen waffles
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Cleaned, hulled and halved strawberries
  • Sliced bananas
  • Bento or veggie cutters shaped like hearts and flowers
  • Optional: powdered sugar, chocolate chips, whipped cream or maple syrup to add extra sweetness

If possible, take care of the cutting prep work ahead of time. If that's not possible, you can do your fruit prep while the kids help out with other steps. They can easily spread the chocolate hazelnut blend on the waffles, peel bananas, wash the strawberries and use the veggie cutters to make shapes out of the sliced fruit. Let the kids decide how to plate the finished product for the presentation to Mom.

Finger Sandwich Flowers

Sandwiches are easy for kids to whip up in the kitchen, and you can put a floral twist on this classic, simple dish to make it even more festive and celebratory for Mother's Day. Start with pre-made sandwiches on soft bread that's easy to bite into and cut. Next, it’s time to choose your filling! Possibilities are endless, so why not create an exciting spread with plenty of choices? Tuna salad, hummus and veggies or cucumbers and cream cheese are all well-loved and classic options. Just make sure your filling is soft and easy to cut through!

Use cookie cutters to cut petals out of the sandwiches so you can make a flower-shaped presentation on the plate. Simple oval, teardrop, rectangular or circular cookie cutters are perfect for this, but you can also try out more elaborate set of petal-shaped cookie cutters to use for this activity. The kids can snack on the scraps from the cut-outs as you go, adding another element of fun and enjoyment to the culinary magic!

After creating the petals, help the kids arrange them in flower patterns and use condiments, vegetables and pickles to decorate your flower scene. The kids can really get creative with this idea. Halved cherry tomatoes can form the center of the flower, while lightly dressed lettuce leaves can form grass or leaves on celery or green bean flower stems. Let their imaginations run wild!