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Car & Train Toys

Once children discover the wheel, it’s as if a whole new world opens up to them. With just a little push, cars and trains move on their own. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have a collection of special toys for /shop/toys/boys-toys/ boys and /shop/toys/girls-toys/ girls to help them work on hand-eye coordination, balance and imagination. Crafted from wood or metal, these toys are safe and durable. From train tracks to ride-on cars, our collection of toys that go includes all of the vehicles your child needs to explore a whole new world.

A train set is ideal for your little one’s imaginative play. The interlocking pieces give your child infinite possibilities for creating tracks for the trains on which to travel. The wooden pieces lock in place but are easy to remove so that children build and rebuild with ease. Sets come with several small trains with wheels that fit in the grooves and glide around the track. Other accessories to go along with a train set include buildings, trees and people, so your child creates his or her own world and engages in pretend play. Magnets connect the trains so that the engine pulls the cars and the caboose through the town.

Children who have a need for speed race their cars around the track to cross the finish line and secure a victory. The interlocking pieces allow children to create different tracks with exciting twists and turns. Children build a completely enclosed circular track or straight tracks for drag racing too. The possibilities are endless. Track pieces come apart for easy /shop/toys/toy-storage/ storage.

Let your child take charge of his or her own world with a play set that allows them to build cities. They lay the track pieces down to build roads, train tracks and runways for cars, trains and planes. The toy people travel on the roads to the buildings and carry out their day-to-day activities or partake in amazing adventures. Construction vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances allow children to celebrate everyday heroes and learn more about the world around them.

Kids work on their balance and coordination with cars and vehicles to ride on. Our /shop/toys/toys-ride-ons/ ride-on vehicles are just the right size so that kids are in complete control of the vehicle. The steering wheel actually controls the wheels so that kids have the power to decide what direction they want to go. Balance vehicles move forward and glide when children push off with their feet. We also have a selection of pedal vehicles that move forward as fast as children move their feet. Stainless-steel construction ensures that these vehicles are able to handle the rough and tough play of any child. Browse the selection of fire trucks, race cars, planes and construction equipment for hours of active and imaginative play.

Your child’s playtime goes from ordinary to extraordinary with our collection of superhero toys. Marvel and DC Comics comic book hero action figures join in on the action and save the day. /shop/heroes-villains-category/ Heroes and villains battle each other in the city so that good can prevail over evil. Incorporate the superheroes into other play sets or check out the exclusive play mats and play sets designed specifically for the caped crusaders. Let your child play the part of the hero with a superhero ride on vehicle.

Whether spreading the cars out on a /shop/rugs-and-windows/shape-rugs/ rug or building an elaborate train set on a table, wheeled toys are fun to play with anywhere. Kids spend hours designing tracks and coming up with amazing adventures for the people in the towns they create. Car and train toys make great gifts for boys and girls.