6 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards help keep kids up to date on to-dos, important events and fun activities like birthday parties, sports games and more. They also add a decorative touch to your child's room that can fit their personality and sense of style.

Utilize these six creative bulletin board ideas from Pottery Barn Kids to perfect the look of your child's room. You can even use bulletin boards in a dedicated play area or family den if you so desire.

1. Animal Shaped Bulletin Boards

Every kid has a favorite animal and when it comes to room decorations, those go-to dogs and cats are often a perfect choice. With an animal-shaped bulletin board, you can bring a stylish touch to your child's room while adding some much-needed organizational features for things like homework or drawings.

Cork boards in a variety of shapes like butterflies, birds, cats, dogs and even wild animals like bears and tigers can work in both boys' and girls' rooms. Choose colorful push-pins or clear options to keep your design simple. Use multiple smaller pin boards together for a larger space and more surface area to stick artwork, homework and souvenirs like movie tickets.

2. Sports Theme

From little league to intramural tennis, almost every family has a sports-lover in the group. For yours, look for sports themed bulletin boards that help decorate your child's room with a favorite passion and hobby in mind.

Baseball cork boards with faux bat frames, basketball-colored pinboards and a whole lot more make adorning your child's walls a snap. You can even make your own with a simple cork or whiteboard and a few items like baseball cards or sports memorabilia.

3. Superhero Style

Superheroes rule the roost for many kids, so incorporating that theme into a bulletin board is going to make them a lot more likely to use it for homework and important announcements. Pinboards are excellent for this since kids can also add pages from their favorite comic books or handmade drawings of their favorite action heroes.

Ready-made boards that feature well-known superheroes can be found too, so getting your child's favorite fictional character into their room will be a snap.

4. Hearts and Floral Themes

Superheroes aren't every kid's cup of tea. If your child goes more for hearts and pretty flowers, incorporating these themes into a bulletin board is an ideal way to spruce up their room and add some style to their organizational space.

Heart-shaped bulletin boards that utilize push-pins are an excellent way to keep track of papers and important reminders. Bulletin boards that feature floral designs like climbing vines also help decorate your child's room while giving them a place to store notes and more.

You can also use a whiteboard and draw your own floral or heart-shaped theme with help from a set of multi-color markers.

5. Classic Chalk Boards

Chalkboards are still the perfect bulletin board for many kids since they're so incredibly flexible. With a chalkboard, you can make lists of tasks that need to be done like household chores and homework, or you can use them for drawing and games like tic-tac-toe.

A classic chalkboard with a magnetic back can also be used to pin items like tests, papers, permission slips and a whole lot more where kids can access them at any time. With all of the different options that chalkboards provide, it's hard to go wrong when you add one to your child's room. You can even pair a chalkboard with a shelf for books and other school items to give the space a classroom vibe.

Pick from miniature and oversized versions to fit your child's room. For older kids, bigger boards are usually better since they'll have more homework and tasks to tackle each day than younger children.

6. For the Budding Artist

If you've got an artist in the house, a bulletin board can become like a blank canvas that offers a little bit of organizational help in the process. For these kids, classic whiteboards are your best bet since they're easy to draw on. Once your child wants a new design, they can easily erase the old one and get to work on a new project.

Magnetic whiteboards are also an excellent place to display art projects that are already completed, like watercolors or charcoal drawings from school.

Bulletin boards make staying organized easy for kids, helping them build a sense of responsibility they'll carry with them into their adult years. Creative options make getting organized fun while adding style to any space.

For parents and kids, that really is the best of both worlds!

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