6 School Supplies Every Kid Needs

School is just around the corner and whatever grade your child will be in, there are certain supplies they're going to need. While many schools send home shopping lists for parents, getting a head start can make that first day back to class more efficient.

Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to get your back-to-school shopping started early.

1. Paper

Although kids are relying on computers more and more these days, students still need paper in-class and to do homework with. Younger kids will also be using paper items for all sorts of things since computers don't usually make it into the full-time curriculum until later on.

Add plenty of lined loose-leaf paper and bound notebooks to your shopping list. Older kids can utilize graph paper for math class, too.

2. Binders and Organizational Items

Getting organized before going back to school can inspire your student to take their studies seriously and focus. The right organizational products also ensure that your kids always have the things they need for class, study time at the library and homework.

Binders for classes and paper tabs for organizing those binders are a must. Adding a folder to each binder, or just a general paper folder and accordion-style folder, is great for new assignments and in-class handouts. Round-out your shopping list with small items like pen and pencil holders for your child's binder or backpack.

An academic planner can also be hugely beneficial even for elementary school students.

3. Pens, Pencils and Writing Instruments

Listening is a big part of class for kids of all ages, but a fair amount of taking notes and writing is also involved. For that, your child will need writing utensils in spades. The best kind, at least for your younger kids, are the simple, cost-effective ones that can be lost without much worry.

You'll need classic number two pencils with erasers and an assortment of pens for older kids. Although black, blue and red are the smart standby options, you can mix in fun colors for things like in-class notes if they encourage your child to take them. Markers, crayons and colored pencils also make a fun addition to your child's backpack and they can come in very handy during free time and art class.

4. Backpacks

Where are your kids going to store all of their textbooks, paper, binders and writing instruments? In their brand new backpack of course! Best of all, most kids look forward to getting a new backpack even if they don't always love the homework that goes inside.

Shop for a washable model that's right for their age group. That way they can store all of the books they need and a few extra things for fun before and after class.

5. Lunch Boxes

Some schools offer lunches to students, but many parents and kids prefer a homemade lunch. If you're sending your child to school with lunch and a few snacks, you need a proper place to store them so they stay fresh and in tip-top shape until it's time to eat.

The classic hard shell lunch box or more modern lunch bags that keep food cool are a smart buy for kids of all ages. Let your child help you pick one out with you. That way they'll get something age appropriate that they like showing off to their friends.

6. Tech Items

High school students often carry a bevy of tech items with them, but even younger students can benefit from certain things in class. Calculators are an excellent example of items that a lot of schools require. Of course, you'll want to check with the school first - they may not allow kids still learning their math basics to use them in class.

Other items like tablets and flash drives can be incredibly useful in schools that offer computer access. Talk to your child's school to see what sort of tech items you should shop for to make learning easier and more fun for your savvy student.

Back-to-school is an exciting time for students and parents. While you may have to do a little last minute shopping once your child gets into class, you can do the bulk of your buying when the sales are happening with a bit of extra planning.

You'll also get those kids primed and ready to learn from day one. After all, the more excited your kids are about class, the better, right?

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