3 Kids Desk Organizing Hacks

Your child is growing and that messy table has turned into their first desk, with a work area that just asks to be organized and made their own. The great news is that kids love to personalize their space so it's friendly and super-fun and the two of you can create a special work environment together.

These practical and creative tips will help you transform your child's living/work area into a clean, open and organized space where they'll love to hang out, work and grow.

1. Desk Accessories

Put your child's desk in order with some of these great gadgets and organizers:

  • Pencil holders add whimsy to your desk in colorful plastic or textured rattan, especially when they're shaped like dinosaurs, stars or unicorns. They keep your supplies in one place and in clear view and will always make you smile.

  • Lazy Susans help your kids become less lazy. These organizers keep desk supplies in happy place and come in many shapes and materials. Most have four, five or six cubbies that spin atop a stable base, perfect for filling with pencils, markers, crayons, paper clips, rubber bands and more. The compartments can be removed and re-organized again and again. Choose your favorite, handmade in iron or metal, star-shaped, pink, purple and polka dots.

  • Trays with compartments can store half as much in twice the space. These caddies with rows of compartments come in durable acrylic in different shapes and hues. Add some glamor to your desk space with a silvery glitter tray.

  • Does your child have an electronic tablet? Keep it safe, sturdy and upright in an iron tablet stand, decorated with hearts, stars, rainbows, rocket ships or crowns.

  • Blotters add a layer of creativity to your desk surface area¬†and protect it from scratches and mess. Sturdy, clear acrylic makes it easy to see and display colorful pictures beneath. Find them with your favorite images, including world maps, stars, stripes, useful 12-inch rulers and even personalized.

  • Bookends are a great way to tell the world what you love. Whether it's Star Wars, animals, machines or food, bookends express your personality. Get them in elephants, butterflies, gears, letters, numbers, pineapples, lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

  • Digital clocks are not only cool, but vital to keeping your child on time. Find them in great colors, materials and shapes, including dinosaurs and unicorns.

  • Clear candy jars with colorful covers are angular and fun, storing your crayons, paper clips and markers.

2. Use labels

Labels not only help to organize your kid-space, but they allow your child to be wildly creative, writing, drawing and painting signs that put everything in place.

  • Is your child crayon crazy? Buy a small 12-drawer plastic holder and label each drawer creatively by color. Indigo/violet/purple, anyone?

  • Young painters can create artistic decal labels to differentiate their supplies such as writing, paper, brushes, paints, tools, pens, pencils, sharpies, dry erasers and¬†highlighters.

  • Clipboards hung on the wall can have peel-off labels to help organize your child's day: Homework done; backpack filled; room neat; shoes and clothes ready; after-school activity prepared; bed on time.

  • Plastic buckets in great colors can house your books and your child can label them by category: Amazing information, Space, Animals, Dinosaurs, History, Geography and Poetry are some favorites.

  • Are you internet savvy? Many teachers and bloggers offer free downloads of printable labels to help your child organize their living and work space. You'll find colorful tags and labels of every size and shape, shared by caring organizers.

3. Wall Storage

Here are some ideas for storage surrounding the desk and work surfaces.

  • Wall organization and art combine in the pinboard, where you can stick notes, art, reminders, photos, cards, just about anything. Go pinboard fantastic in shapes including clouds, butterflies, hearts, ribbons and footballs.

  • Rugged corkboards are great too for saving pics, notes and more and are available surrounded by baseball bats, framed in cool metallic and shaped like the world.

  • Hook racks come in the form of question marks, hearts and animals and are perfect for hanging hats, necklaces, ties, badges and anything else.

  • Bookworms will love bookracks that allow them to display their favorite books face forward, making it easy to find the book they want to read next.

  • Shelves are no longer dull and boring. You can find them in your kids' favorite characters like Batman and Darth Vader, or shaped like giant bridges, hexagons, three-dimensional mirrors and even wavy surfboards.

With imagination and practical know-how, you can help your child organize their living workspace, bring order to their supplies, help them take responsibility for their day, all while making it accessible, creative and fun. Happy organizing!

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