Two or more kids + one bedroom = no problem! Whether you're putting twin babies, older kids or kids of different ages into a shared bedroom, we have solutions for your family. With coordinating furniture, bedding, decor and more, we make it easy to create shared spaces that are stylish, organized and loved by everyone.

First things first, pick the biggest (and most important!) part: the furniture. Some of our furniture collections feature a crib, bed, bunk bed, dresser, nightstand and a desk so you can mix and match to get exactly what your family needs.If space is tight, a bunk bed can be a great option – it'll leave floor space for impromptu dance parties, make-believe play and storytime. When you're choosing furniture, make sure you have enough storage space for all their toys, clothes, books and more. Here's a tip: a bed with a trundle provides hidden, tucked-away storage.

Next, do you go for a lookalike room design or give each child their own space to express their personality? We make nursery, toddler and kids' bedding in matching patterns so you can get that cohesive total-room look. Or, you can give them each their own preferred pattern or design – many of our bedding sets are designed in a complementary color palette, so it all coordinates.

Now, tie it all together. A rug lays a plush and stylish foundation, while decorative pillows and artwork add lots of personality. To give each side of the room a just-for-them feel, choose wall art, bedding and embroidered pillows that can be monogrammed or personalized with their full name.