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From the bedroom to the playroom, windows offer a golden opportunity to transform your kids' living spaces into something special. Pottery Barn Kids can help you turn your design and decor dreams into reality with a fun selection of window treatments for children's rooms. Our drapes, panel curtains and shades provide the right level of light-blocking function while also giving you the style you need to complete the look and feel of a room. Pair your drape or curtain selections with our kids' window hardware styles to add further pizzaz and whimsy for the pitch-perfect space for little ones to grow.

We offer drapes and shades in a variety of different colors and patterns. You can dial in the right combination of features to get exactly what you want out of your kids' rooms. If you want to provide room-darkening capabilities, we offer several different blackout solutions, including shades and curtain panels that can help kids drift off to a peaceful sleep on long summer days. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a selection of different sheer curtain options that let light in and provide a lovely natural feel in your home. You can mix and match different pieces to create a multipurpose window treatment setup that lets you control exactly how much light gets in at different points of the day.

With color schemes ranging from light pink and purple pastels to bold primary colors and even some neutral shades like white and gray, it's easy to find the right style to suit each of your children's personalities. In shared spaces, you can opt to use our neutral printed drapes or shades as a means of striking the right balance between each child's unique preferences. Our window treatment styles are carefully designed to provide longevity as well. This means that you can install your window treatments in a nursery and keep them in place as your child grows and changes.

Stylish window hardware options further enhance the staying power of our beautiful curtains and shades. Sturdy brackets, rods and rings form the basis of a window treatment display system that you can customize by choosing from a selection of different decorative finials. If you happen to choose a finial style that your child eventually outgrows, it will be easy to swap the old style out for something new and exciting. Your major window hardware pieces can stay in place throughout each finial upgrade, providing long-lasting value and decorative efficiency.

As you shop for window treatments, think about the way your windows will complement or enhance the decor in the rest of the room. You can use your windows as the opportunity to create a decorative focal statement in an otherwise restrained room, but if you're going for a more decorative look, your windows can stand in the background and provide quiet support. To accomplish this subtle look, you can look for drapes and shades that pick up elements from the decor in the rest of the room. For example, you can choose a solid-colored window panel that matches an accent color from your child's duvet cover.

Our excellent selection of window treatment options makes it possible to create customized solutions that meet your needs in every room. You can create a diaphanous arrangement that adds decor and a bit of privacy in the playroom while creating something more heavy duty and light blocking for the bedroom. You can even bring your kids in on the fun and ask for their input on which colors and styles you should select. They can weigh in on decorative elements like color, pattern and finial style while you make important decisions about size, length and light-blocking abilities.

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