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Girl Window Panels and Shades

Whether you’re just beginning to decorate your nursery after finding out the gender of your baby, or you’re redoing your little girl’s bedroom, decorating for little gals can be quite a lot of fun. While pink is often the top choice, there are many other colors in the spectrum that look wonderful in a girl’s room, allowing you to mix, match and complement similar colors so that the room is comfortable, appealing and, most of all, fun. Choosing girls’ window panels and shades may be the first or the last thing you do when decorating, but it’s a very important piece of the process. With everything from valances to Roman shades, Pottery Barn Kids has all you need to make your little one’s room spectacular.

Contrary to popular belief, blackout panels don’t always have to be a dark color. To keep your daughter’s sleeping schedule tidy and neat, blocking early morning sun or early evening daylight may help her fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer. There are a few other reasons to opt for blackout panels, as they block UV rays from the sun that can fade furniture and damage belongings in the room, while also keeping the sun’s rays out of your child’s eyes. Choose from an array of different blackout panels in beautiful colors to accentuate your existing furniture, such as white or off-white, pink, gray or olive. Should you want darker colors for your child’s room, these options are available as well. You can also choose from blackout panels with different designs, such as pink polka dots or thick solid stripes, for a joyful look.

You may also want to op for simple cotton canvas curtains. Light and frilly, these curtain types work well in the spring and summer, and come in lovely pastels that help accentuate the welcoming of Easter and spring. Look for light purple colors, pink shades or even navy for a classic and elegant look for your child’s window treatments. Silk or velvet are also wonderful choices for either simple curtains or blackout panels. Because spills and messes happen even in the bedroom, many of the curtains and blackout panels are either machine washable or dry clean only, allowing you the opportunity to clean them when needed.

For a little less coverage for your window treatments, opt for either sheer panels, which look lovely in a flowing summer breeze, or Roman shades. Sheer panels typically cover the whole window, but you can easily see out or in. Roman shades may be pulled up so that you can easily see outside, but, at the end of the day, you can pull them down for extra privacy in the evening. For the best of both worlds, Roman shades and sheer curtains often look exceptional when paired together. Look for neutral but opulent colors, such as pink, off-white or grey, to complete your window ensembles. There are also many gender-neutral or blue curtains that work exceptionally well in your little girl’s bedroom, particularly if you are pursuing a nautical theme.

When it comes to window hardware, there are many color choices available as well. Look for classically themed rods and hooks, such as brass, silver or nickel, or add a splash of color to your child’s room with hardware available in pink, purple, navy or striped patterns. In addition to standard knobs and balls, you also can choose toddler and kid-appropriate motifs, such as arrows, butterflies, orbs and more. Durably built from the finest materials, our window hardware ensures that your window treatments are mounted securely and safely in your child’s bedroom.