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Boy Rugs

For many boys, playtime is a full contact sport. They love hands-on activities. Superheroes fight with bad guys, the police chase down an escaping bank robber, the day is saved and everyone goes home happy. And when they’re focused on giving life to their adventures, who needs a chair? Most kids are content to just plop down on the floor. That way the entire bedroom – or living room, hallway, dining room and more – becomes their race track or construction site. At Pottery Barn Kids we want to help you create an environment where your child’s imagination is free to blossom. Check out our selection of boys’ rugs for some exciting bedroom decor ideas.

Durable rugs let kids play without holding back. They can handle anything boys dream up, from a high-speed race to an earthquake toppling a huge tower of bricks. Wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant and soil-resistant, which means cleaning up afterwards is a breeze. Usually regular vacuuming is enough. Plus, since wool fibers pop right back, rugs stay fluffy and soft for a long time. Synthetic rugs offer exceptional strength and resistance. Many cotton rugs have an additional advantage; when it’s time for cleaning, just toss them in the washing machine and you’re done.

Whether you opt for wool, silk, cotton or synthetic, all of our rugs are safe for kids. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals or coatings. Synthetic latex backing even takes care of little ones with latex allergies. Your youngsters can roll around, play to their heart’s content and lie down for a nap. They breathe easy, and so can you.

A lot of boys love intense colors. If that’s your child’s case, a rug is a great accent piece for adding a strong pop of color to the room. Navy blue is popular for rooms with light carpet or wood floors, since it stands out right away. Dark gray, red and green are a few other vibrant possibilities. Looking for something a little more tropical and fresh? Feel free to decorate boys’ rooms with peppy pastels too. Aqua, lavender and bright pink are fun colors with a touch of ocean breeze.

Make a big splash with underwater explorers by adding bold stripes for a nautical theme. Blue and white stripes let your child set sail for adventure. Or choose different tones that match their existing bedroom decor. That way they can hoist a pirate flag with their favorite colors. Bedding with sharks and undersea motifs stimulate their imagination even more. Rope-inspired decorations are another way to build a captain’s cabin.

Does your child dream of being a big star? No one said girls have a monopoly on dressing up like royalty. Treat your prince to a bedroom inspired by the finest five-star hotel with exquisite sheets and an exotic rug with oriental flair. An intricate chandelier overhead and artwork on the walls completes his luxurious stay.

In a playroom, large 9’x12’ rugs cover a lot of space. Give your kids a lot of room to invent and create. Rugs with roads and scenery let them take to the streets with hot rods, or start up their engines and fly around the sky. Area rugs are a nice place for a play table too, where boys can draw, color, sculpt and discover.

Take your kids across the globe to exotic locations. Exciting rugs with geometric patterns put some international flavors in their bedroom decor. Instead of one color, decorate with them all! From an Aztec temple to a museum in Paris, the right rug sets the scene for a superspy or treasure hunter to ride off into the setting sun. With a large backpack, they’re even ready to continue their adventure at a friend’s house.

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