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Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to treat your little valentine to a day of fun and laughter. You may have some activities planned leading up to and after the holiday, such as arts and crafts, making valentines for a class at school or having a special Valentine’s Day meal with your child. Just as with other holidays celebrated throughout the year, part of the fun is decorating for the event! Let us help you make sure your kids’ table is joyfully decorated with some ideas for delightful Valentine’s Day table decor from Pottery Barn Kids.

The colors of the season definitely include a lot of red and white, so it’s easy to make a splash on either your kid’s table or your own dining room set with a colorful tabletop set made of kid-friendly materials. With a look classic enough to suit a formal dining room table, plates, bowls and cups made from BPA-free melamine are virtually unbreakable, ensuring safety and durability. Melamine tableware is also easy to clean and is top-rack dishwasher safe. Not just for Valentine’s Day, you can easily reuse it again and again at your own table, or to play tea or pretend with your child. If pink or red is not your first color choice, white tableware is an excellent option; it’s not only a staple color of the Valentine’s Day holiday but is also versatile year-round for Easter, birthdays and other holidays.

Delightful children’s utensils sets are also great additions to your Valentine’s Day table decor. As they are smaller than conventional utensils, you can choose a set that is simple for little hands to grip. Forks and spoons with stainless-steel construction stay bright and shiny and last for years. Choosing utensils with easy-grip melamine handles add a practical as well as an attractive touch to your Valentine’s Day table decor as well. Such kid-friendly utensils are also easily portable and travel well long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Beyond cups, plates and cutlery, a delightful way to decorate your kids’ table or your dining room table for Valentine’s Day is to have a Valentine-themed chairbacker. Chairbackers are generally made of cloth or felt and slip over the back of chairs. This adds cheerful Valentine decor in holiday colors and indicates the special spot where each child is supposed to sit when you add personalization. A Valentine chairbacker can also double as a pocket for kids – and you – to place Valentine’s Day cards in for each other.