4 Chore Ideas for Kids by Age

Chores help kids learn responsibility and do their part around the house. A regular chore routine may also help build a strong work ethic in your child from a young age. Of course, having your child help with the chores around the house also makes essential activities faster and easier so everybody can get back to having fun! Use these four chore ideas for kids based on their age group so they can pitch in around the house no matter how old they are.

  1. Kids Under 5

Although kids under the age of five can't do all of the chores that your teenagers can, they can still have a few items on their to-do list. When assigning chores for this age group, it's often best to provide activities one at a time, so kids don't get distracted or overwhelmed.

  1. Clean up their room by putting toys away. Organizational bins or a toy chest that kids can reach will make this task super easy and fun.
  2. Help with the laundry by putting items like towels or clothing into a designated hamper. Some kids may even want to help with the clean laundry by doing simple stuff like rolling socks.
  3. Help with cleaning by doing simple tasks like dusting flat, easy to reach surfaces. Supervise your kids under five when they take on tasks like this.
  4. Take on personal hygiene chores like brushing their teeth and combing their hair.
  1. Ages 6 to 9

Children between six and nine can handle tasks that kids under five can do, but they can usually take on even more responsibility.

  1. Help by feeding pets and giving them water. This can be a daily chore that kids do each morning, in the evening or both if they're ready for the responsibility.
  2. Help organize dirty laundry into separate loads like whites and colors. Kids between six and nine can also help fold and transport laundry from room to room so it can be put away.
  3. Sweep and vacuum floors. These simple cleaning tasks can be a big help in busy households. Many kids also find this task to be a lot of fun.
  4. Helping gather dishes after a meal. Kids in this age group can be tasked with gathering dishes after a family meal so they can be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher.
  1. Ages 10 to 12

At around age 10, kids can start to do more difficult tasks around the house with a little less supervision.

  1. Help load the dishwasher and dry dishes that need to be washed by hand.
  2. Take out the trash. This is a valuable chore that kids can complete daily or as necessary.
  3. Make lunches for school. Kids this age can also help by making simple lunches for younger kids who aren't ready to do it for themselves.
  4. Help with more complex cleaning tasks like bathroom sinks and floors. Always supervise your children when they're doing this and use safe, non-toxic cleaning products.
  1. Kids 12 and Up

Once kids hit about twelve years old, many are able to handle a lot of the same chores that adults can. Giving them more difficult chores can also help them feel responsible and like they're part of the important day-to-day routine of the household. It can also prepare your kids for later in life and let the whole family enjoy more quality time together instead of tackling chores around the clock.

  1. Hand washing and drying dishes after meals. Kids can also load and unload the dishwasher easily at this age.
  2. Help with laundry by sorting, washing or folding.
  3. Take on new yard work tasks like mowing the lawn or tending to plants in the garden.
  4. Food preparation tasks. Skip the mandolin slicer at this age group, but do let kids help out in the kitchen with tasks like dressing salads and making sandwiches.

Chores help build character and responsibility in kids of all ages. Get yours started early so taking care of chores, even ones they don't love, will be a breeze when they become adults and have to take these tasks on alone.

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