5 Kids' Playroom Ideas

Giving your kids their own space to play, create and learn makes days spent at home even more enjoyable. Creating stations gives kids multiple play and learning opportunities in one space, which means they'll never tire of their well-designed playroom. Everything in your playroom, from the furniture and organization you choose to the art you display, impacts the overall feel of the space. With these tips, you can add function and fun to your playroom.

1. Add Vertical and Horizontal Storage

Playrooms are ideal for containing kids' toys, books and games in one room. With smart organization, your playroom will never feel cluttered. A variety of storage solutions are available to keep your kids' favorite items accessible and, better yet, easy to clean up when playtime is over. Mix and match storage options to suit your room's layout, toy collection and children's ages.

Cubby bookshelves are practical because they can store all sorts of items. Use bins to hold smaller items like blocks, small cars and dolls. Keep some cubbies open and fill them with books, puzzles and larger toys. These shelves can be low to the ground, which means your kids can easily find their toys and can pitch in when it's time to clean up. Plus, most can be oriented vertically or horizontally, so you can select a style that works for your space.

Baskets are another way to keep your playroom organized. A set of wire, wall-mounted baskets prove especially versatile, keeping items off of the floor. They can store books or hold your child's stuffed animal collection. Smaller individual wire baskets can be mounted to the wall, offering storage for small items like crayons, blocks and cars.

2. Let Your Kids Be the Artists

Playroom art should reflect the vibe of your space, so let your kids serve as your room's artistic inspiration. Incorporating your child's colorful and creative masterpieces into the decor of your playroom leaves your child with a sense of pride. Plus, it adds a personal touch to your decor. A clothesline-style display allows you to constantly change the artwork and display creations that your child brings home from school or daycare. Run this installation across a large wall and clip different works of art to the line using a clothespin.

For kid-designed artwork that's more permanent, pick up a couple of blank canvases, acrylic paint and paintbrushes. Let your kids create an abstract masterpiece that coordinates with the color scheme of your room. Similarly, you can frame your child's favorite works of art and hang these creations on a gallery wall. Finally, to create an ever-changing art display, paint a wall or a section of your wall in chalkboard paint. Suddenly, your wall becomes a blank canvas where your kids can create, erase and create all over again.

3. Design a Craft Corner

Inspire creativity by adding a craft corner to your playroom. A kid-sized desk or table with coordinating chairs serves as the basis of this space. Add a set of drawers or a tiered cart that's stocked with all of the art supplies your budding artist will need. Construction paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, stencils, glue and stickers are just some items that may work, depending on your child's age. A corkboard hung above the desk gives your child a spot to display favorite artwork.

4. Encourage Pretend Play

Pretend play encourages your child to think creatively, transport to a new world and imagine life as a superhero, chef, firefighter or princess. Assess your toy and dress-up collection to create a space dedicated to pretend play in your playroom. If, for example, you have a kid kitchen set, stock it with play food, dishes, silverware and an apron and chef's hat. Your child will love playing restaurant and serving you delicious creations. Your princess-loving toddler will adore a dress-up station. Hang her favorite dresses on hooks, and keep tiaras, wands and jewelry in nearby bins. A vanity with a mirror can be the perfect spot for her to transform into royalty.

5. Create a Cozy Spot to Relax

Open floor space in a playroom is important because it gives your child plenty of space to play. However, comfortable seating can add another level of relaxation to your playroom, making it a multifunctional space. Select a corner of your playroom to create an inviting reading nook where your child can relax. Add comfortable seating, such as a loveseat, cushioned kid-sized chair or bean bag chairs. Toss a cozy throw blanket on the back of the seating. Next to the seating, place an end table with a lamp so that there's plenty of light for reading. Fill a basket with your child's favorite books, or have a set of bookshelves nearby, giving your child access to a kid-friendly home library.

Give an ordinary playroom new life with these creative ideas. A few small changes can make your playroom more functional and allow your children to use the space in different ways.