12 Ways to Decorate with Baskets

Many new parents are surprised when they realize just how much "stuff" a baby accumulates. Trying to keep everything in order can become overwhelming -- especially if your nursery is small. Fortunately, there's a simple solution: baskets. Not only are they practical, but baskets are available in a wide variety of styles and materials to suit any furnishings. Here are 12 ways you can use baskets to organize your baby's room.

1. Closet Storage

Stackable plastic baskets can be used to create cube storage in a closet. The baskets can be used to sort your baby's clothing by season, style or age. If your closet has built-in shelves, placing baskets on them to store socks and other small items can eliminate the need for a dresser.

2. Toy Organization

Using baskets to store toys is a great way to keep clutter to a minimum. Save even more floor space by hanging the basket on a wall hook when playtime is over. Babies and toddlers love emptying baskets and filling them up again, so using baskets for toy organization can also help encourage your child to clean up after him or herself.

3. Under-Crib Storage

Baskets make great under-crib storage units. They can be used to store bed linens, extra blankets, out-of-season clothing and anything else you want to be easily accessible but out of view.

4. Ladder Shelving Storage

Placing small baskets on a ladder-style shelving unit is a great way to keep baby wipes, baby powder and other diaper changing essentials within easy reach.

5. Wall of Baskets

With a drill, a few screws and some drywall anchors, you can turn a set of baskets into a floating shelf unit for your nursery. Use them to keep items in your baby's diaper changing area organized and neat.

6. Drawer Dividers

Use baskets inside of dresser drawers to keep small items like nail clippers, cotton swabs and thermometers separated. Use several square and rectangular baskets within the same drawer to organize everything neatly.

7. Bookshelf Storage

Many bookshelves feature cubbies that make them perfect for use as cube storage. Use baskets in the cubby holes to keep clutter out of sight and nursery items properly organized. Items you want your baby to have access to -- like Lego blocks, crayons and age-appropriate books -- can be stored in baskets on the lower shelves, while the higher shelves can be used to stow items that should be kept out of reach. Turning a bookshelf onto its side is another great way to create cube storage in your nursery. Place a foam cushion on top to form a bench and use baskets to create under-seat storage "drawers."

8. Laundry

A belly basket placed near the changing area can serve as a miniature laundry hamper for the baby. These beautiful, handwoven baskets not only add an elegant touch to any baby room, but they also feature handles for easy transport from the nursery to the laundry room.

9. Over-the-Door Organizer

Tiered basket organizers are available that can be hung on the back of a door to maximize nursery space. Use them to store bath products, onesies, bibs and more. As an alternative, you can hang individual baskets behind the door to create floating storage shelves.

10. Tiered Wire Basket Organizer

A three-tiered wire kitchen basket can be used on a changing table to keep lotions and washcloths close at hand. Larger tiered units can be placed on the floor of the nursery to store bath towels and bath toys.

11. End-of-Crib Storage

Attaching baskets to the end of a crib can create extra storage space in a small nursery. Use the baskets to keep burp cloths and pacifiers organized. You can also hang a basket on the inside of a crib or toddler bed to hold books and toys.

12. Hanging Baskets

Maximize the space above your changing table by affixing a towel rod to the wall and hanging a wire or wicker basket from it. The basket can be used to hold creams, ointments and medications.

With so many basket sizes, shapes and styles available, their possible uses are only limited by your imagination. Use the above list as a starting point when considering unique basket storage solutions for your baby's nursery.

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