Sleepover Sleeping Bags

Sleepovers are a fun rite of passage for little ones. Whether going to a family friend’s house for the first time, having a friend come over or simply sleeping in the living room with a brother or a sister, sleepovers are exciting events. Children look forward to playing special games and eating fun food, and they keep their fingers crossed they’ll be allowed to stay up past their bedtime. When playtime’s done, they have warm memories of make-believe games, building forts in the living room and deepening friendships.

If your child is getting ready for a big sleepover, how about making this occasion extra special, by sending her in a sleepover sleeping bag? Sleepover sleeping bags from Pottery Barn Kids allow children to stay zipped up and warm through the night, are easy for small hands to carry and give your child an added sense of comfort. For little ones, plush animal faux fur sleeping bags are both cozy and playful. A built-in pillow means there’s no worries about pillows getting lost in the middle of the night. If the sleeping bag doesn’t have a built-in pillow, selecting a matching decorative pillow is an ideal choice, as it offers the same sumptuous feel and fun design. Consider a matching /shop/sleepover/sleepover-gear/ hooded sleeper to add additional warmth and softness. A pair of fuzzy slippers keeps feet warm as special friends run around in their pajamas.

If your child is a budding superhero, a superhero sleeping bag might be the perfect fit. Choosing a matching pillow case finishes off the look and is sure to inspire hours of heroic play. Think about buying matching superhero pajamas to ensure he is both comfortable and stylish for the big event. A sleepover backpack allows children to easily carry clothes and special toys back and forth.

Do you have friends or relatives coming for an extended visit? If you’re looking for a way to make this event extra special, how about buying each child a monogrammed sleepover sleeping bag? This is such a thoughtful way to kick off the memorable event. The children are sure to be delighted when they see their sleeping bags bearing their names and the thoughtful gifts are certain to inspire hours of playtime and laughter. After everyone’s gone home, they will remember the fun they had together each time they look at their personalized sleeping bags.

If you’d like to make naptime a little more enjoyable, your child is certain to be excited to snuggle up in an animated nap mat. Colorful fleece blankets that are attached to soft mats ensure everyone has what they need when it’s time to lie down. Lightweight mats are easy to tote around, whether it’s back and forth to daycare or to grandma and grandpa’s house for the day. Nap mats are also ideal for long distance trips. They are small enough to carry on a plane or to store in the backseat of the car for road trips.

Of course, sleepover sleeping bags and nap mats aren’t just for sleeping. Children love to spend many waking hours in them. They are perfect for reading a bedtime story to that special stuffed animal, staying cozy during family movie night or simply staying warm while giggling with friends.

When selecting a sleepover sleeping bag, there are a few things to look for. Choosing a sleeping bag that is machine washable makes it a breeze to keep clean and Velcro straps enable small hands to easily pack up when it’s time to go. Sleeping bags that are lined with Sherpa fleece are one of many excellent options that are sumptuous to snuggle in. Fabrics made with percale weave are tightly woven and offer a soft matte finish, increased breathability and durability.

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